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جمعية الإنترنت اليمنية
ISOC-Yemen logo.jpg.png
Founded 2013
Type Non-profit
Area served
Key people
Fahmi Albaheth
Wafaa Alareeqi
(Secretary General)

The Internet Society Yemen chapter (ISOC-Yemen) is a non-governmental organization based in Sana'a, Yemen and is part of the global Internet Society. As the local arm of ISOC, it carries with it the same mission and strives to achieve the same objectives with a focus on Yemen. ISOC-Yemen was established in August 2013 as the first Internet-related civil society organization in Yemen. As of March 2015, it had over 230 local members, who are also members of ISOC.

Goals and activities[edit]

ISOC-Yemen shares the Internet Society’s principles and mission and is committed to furthering the Internet Society’s goals and objectives within the Republic of Yemen. In addition, ISOC-Yemen strives to contribute regionally through collaboration with other ISOC chapters in the Middle East. As a recognized ICANN At-large structure, ISOC-Yemen contributes regularly to Internet-related meetings such as the Internet Governance Forum, the Arab Internet Governance Forum and ICANN Meetings.

Board of directors[1][edit]

  • Fahmi Albaheth - Chair
  • A. Abu Taleb - Vice Chair
  • Wafaa Al-Areeqi - Secretary General
  • Nasreen Bafagih - Public Relations

First Board of directors[1][edit]

  • Walid Al-Saqaf - Chair
  • Zakaria Al-Kainai - Vice Chair
  • Adli Al-Kharasani - Secretary General
  • Mohammed Al-Dhaifi - Deputy Secretary General
  • Ahmed Al-Marwani - Public Relations


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