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ISO 3166-2:DO is the entry for the Dominican Republic in ISO 3166-2, part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which defines codes for the names of the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1.

Currently for the Dominican Republic, ISO 3166-2 codes are defined for 10 regions, 31 provinces and 1 district. The Distrito Nacional contains the capital of the country Santo Domingo and has special status equal to the provinces.

Each code consists of two parts, separated by a hyphen. The first part is DO, the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of the Dominican Republic. The second part is two digits:

  • 01: district
  • 02–27: provinces as of late 1970s
  • 28–30: provinces created in the 1980s and 1990s
  • 31–32: provinces created in 2001 and 2002
  • 33–42: regions

Current codes[edit]

Subdivision names are listed as in the ISO 3166-2 standard published by the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency (ISO 3166/MA).

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Code Subdivision name (es)
DO-33 Cibao Nordeste
DO-34 Cibao Noroeste
DO-35 Cibao Norte
DO-36 Cibao Sur
DO-37 El Valle
DO-38 Enriquillo
DO-39 Higuamo
DO-40 Ozama
DO-41 Valdesia
DO-42 Yuma

Provinces and district[edit]

Code Subdivision name (es) Subdivision category Parent subdivision
DO-02 Azua province DO-41
DO-03 Baoruco province DO-38
DO-04 Barahona province DO-38
DO-05 Dajabón province DO-34
DO-01 Distrito Nacional (Santo Domingo) district DO-40
DO-06 Duarte province DO-33
DO-08 El Seibo province DO-42
DO-07 Elías Piña province DO-37
DO-09 Espaillat province DO-35
DO-30 Hato Mayor province DO-39
DO-19 Hermanas Mirabal province DO-33
DO-10 Independencia province DO-38
DO-11 La Altagracia province DO-42
DO-12 La Romana province DO-42
DO-13 La Vega province DO-36
DO-14 María Trinidad Sánchez province DO-33
DO-28 Monseñor Nouel province DO-36
DO-15 Monte Cristi province DO-34
DO-29 Monte Plata province DO-39
DO-16 Pedernales province DO-38
DO-17 Peravia province DO-41
DO-18 Puerto Plata province DO-35
DO-20 Samaná province DO-33
DO-21 San Cristóbal province DO-41
DO-31 San José de Ocoa province DO-41
DO-22 San Juan province DO-37
DO-23 San Pedro de Macorís province DO-39
DO-24 Sánchez Ramírez province DO-36
DO-25 Santiago province DO-35
DO-26 Santiago Rodríguez province DO-34
DO-32 Santo Domingo province DO-40
DO-27 Valverde province DO-34


The following changes to the entry have been announced in newsletters by the ISO 3166/MA since the first publication of ISO 3166-2 in 1998. ISO stopped issuing newsletters in 2013.

Edition/Newsletter Date issued Description of change in newsletter Code/Subdivision change
Newsletter I-1 2000-06-21 Introduction of new subdivision code elements taken from the Dominican Statistics Code. Correction of alphabetic sorting of subdivision names. Addition of 1 alternative name form Codes:
format changed (see below)
ISO 3166-2:2007 2007-12-13 Second edition of ISO 3166-2 (this change was not announced in a newsletter)[1] Subdivisions added:
DO-31 San José de Ocoa
DO-32 Santo Domingo

The following changes to the entry are listed on ISO's online catalogue, the Online Browsing Platform:

Effective date of change Short description of change (en)
2014-12-18 Assign parent subdivision to DO-01
2014-10-29 Add región (region) as top-level of subdivisions; add 10 regions DO-33 to DO-42; change subdivision name of DO-03, DO-08 and DO-19; update List Source

Codes changed in Newsletter I-1[edit]

Note: Two provinces were assigned the code DO-EP.

Before After Subdivision name
DO-DN DO-01 Distrito Nacional (Santo Domingo)
DO-AZ DO-02 Azua
DO-BR DO-03 Bahoruco
DO-BH DO-04 Barahona
DO-DA DO-05 Dajabón
DO-DU DO-06 Duarte
DO-SE DO-08 El Seybo [El Seibo]
DO-EP DO-09 Espaillat
DO-HM DO-30 Hato Mayor
DO-IN DO-10 Independencia
DO-AL DO-11 La Altagracia
DO-EP DO-07 La Estrelleta [Elías Piña]
DO-RO DO-12 La Romana
DO-VE DO-13 La Vega
DO-MT DO-14 María Trinidad Sánchez
DO-MN DO-28 Monseñor Nouel
DO-MC DO-15 Monte Cristi
DO-MP DO-29 Monte Plata
DO-PN DO-16 Pedernales
DO-PR DO-17 Peravia
DO-PP DO-18 Puerto Plata
DO-SC DO-19 Salcedo
DO-SM DO-20 Samaná
DO-CR DO-21 San Cristóbal
DO-JU DO-22 San Juan
DO-PM DO-23 San Pedro de Macorís
DO-SZ DO-24 Sánchez Ramírez
DO-ST DO-25 Santiago
DO-SR DO-26 Santiago Rodríguez
DO-VA DO-27 Valverde

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