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ISO 3166-2:UG is the entry for Uganda in ISO 3166-2, part of the ISO 3166 standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which defines codes for the names of the principal subdivisions (e.g., provinces or states) of all countries coded in ISO 3166-1.

Currently for Uganda, ISO 3166-2 codes are defined for 4 geographical regions, 134 districts, and 1 city (the capital of the country, Kampala).

Each code consists of two parts, separated by a hyphen. The first part is UG, the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code of Uganda. The second part is either of the following:

  • one letter: geographical regions
  • three digits: districts and city

For the districts, the first digit indicates the geographical region where the district is in:

Current codes[edit]

Subdivision names are listed as in the ISO 3166-2 standard published by the ISO 3166 Maintenance Agency (ISO 3166/MA).

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Geographical regions[edit]

Code Subdivision name (en)
UG-C Central
UG-E Eastern
UG-N Northern
UG-W Western

Districts and cities[edit]

Code Subdivision name (en) Subdivision category In geographical region
UG-314 Abim district N
UG-301 Adjumani district N
UG-322 Agago district N
UG-323 Alebtong district N
UG-315 Amolatar district N
UG-324 Amudat district N
UG-216 Amuria district E
UG-316 Amuru district N
UG-302 Apac district N
UG-303 Arua district N
UG-217 Budaka district E
UG-218 Bududa district E
UG-201 Bugiri district E
UG-235 Bugweri district E
UG-420 Buhweju district W
UG-117 Buikwe district C
UG-219 Bukedea district E
UG-118 Bukomansibi district C
UG-220 Bukwo district E
UG-225 Bulambuli district E
UG-416 Buliisa district W
UG-401 Bundibugyo district W
UG-430 Bunyangabu district W
UG-402 Bushenyi district W
UG-202 Busia district E
UG-221 Butaleja district E
UG-119 Butambala district C
UG-233 Butebo district E
UG-120 Buvuma district C
UG-226 Buyende district E
UG-317 Dokolo district N
UG-121 Gomba district C
UG-304 Gulu district N
UG-403 Hoima district W
UG-417 Ibanda district W
UG-203 Iganga district E
UG-418 Isingiro district W
UG-204 Jinja district E
UG-318 Kaabong district N
UG-404 Kabale district W
UG-405 Kabarole district W
UG-213 Kaberamaido district E
UG-427 Kagadi district W
UG-428 Kakumiro district W
UG-237 Kalaki district E
UG-101 Kalangala district C
UG-222 Kaliro district E
UG-122 Kalungu district C
UG-102 Kampala city C
UG-205 Kamuli district E
UG-413 Kamwenge district W
UG-414 Kanungu district W
UG-206 Kapchorwa district E
UG-236 Kapelebyong district E
UG-335 Karenga district N
UG-126 Kasanda district C
UG-406 Kasese district W
UG-207 Katakwi district E
UG-112 Kayunga district C
UG-433 Kazo district W
UG-407 Kibaale district W
UG-103 Kiboga district C
UG-227 Kibuku district E
UG-432 Kikuube district W
UG-419 Kiruhura district W
UG-421 Kiryandongo district W
UG-408 Kisoro district W
UG-434 Kitagwenda district W
UG-305 Kitgum district N
UG-319 Koboko district N
UG-325 Kole district N
UG-306 Kotido district N
UG-208 Kumi district E
UG-333 Kwania district N
UG-228 Kween district E
UG-123 Kyankwanzi district C
UG-422 Kyegegwa district W
UG-415 Kyenjojo district W
UG-125 Kyotera district C
UG-326 Lamwo district N
UG-307 Lira district N
UG-229 Luuka district E
UG-104 Luwero district C
UG-124 Lwengo district C
UG-114 Lyantonde district C
UG-336 Madi-Okollo district N
UG-223 Manafwa district E
UG-320 Maracha district N
UG-105 Masaka district C
UG-409 Masindi district W
UG-214 Mayuge district E
UG-209 Mbale district E
UG-410 Mbarara district W
UG-423 Mitooma district W
UG-115 Mityana district C
UG-308 Moroto district N
UG-309 Moyo district N
UG-106 Mpigi district C
UG-107 Mubende district C
UG-108 Mukono district C
UG-334 Nabilatuk district N
UG-311 Nakapiripirit district N
UG-116 Nakaseke district C
UG-109 Nakasongola district C
UG-230 Namayingo district E
UG-234 Namisindwa district E
UG-224 Namutumba district E
UG-327 Napak district N
UG-310 Nebbi district N
UG-231 Ngora district E
UG-424 Ntoroko district W
UG-411 Ntungamo district W
UG-328 Nwoya district N
UG-337 Obongi district N
UG-331 Omoro district N
UG-329 Otuke district N
UG-321 Oyam district N
UG-312 Pader district N
UG-332 Pakwach district N
UG-210 Pallisa district E
UG-110 Rakai district C
UG-429 Rubanda district W
UG-425 Rubirizi district W
UG-431 Rukiga district W
UG-412 Rukungiri district W
UG-435 Rwampara district W
UG-111 Sembabule district C
UG-232 Serere district E
UG-426 Sheema district W
UG-215 Sironko district E
UG-211 Soroti district E
UG-212 Tororo district E
UG-113 Wakiso district C
UG-313 Yumbe district N
UG-330 Zombo district N


The following changes to the entry have been announced by the ISO 3166/MA since the first publication of ISO 3166-2 in 1998. ISO stopped issuing newsletters in 2013.

Newsletter Date issued Description of change in newsletter Code/Subdivision change
Newsletter I-3 2002-08-20 Addition of 6 new districts Subdivisions added:
UG-AJM Adjumani
UG-BUG Bugiri
UG-BUA Busia
UG-KAT Katakwi
UG-NAK Nakasongola
UG-SEM Sembabule
Newsletter I-5 2003-09-05 Addition of 11 new districts. List source updated. Code source updated Subdivisions added:
UG-213 Kaberamaido
UG-413 Kamwenge
UG-414 Kanungu
UG-112 Kayunga
UG-415 Kyenjojo
UG-214 Mayuge
UG-311 Nakapiripirit
UG-312 Pader
UG-215 Sironko
UG-113 Wakiso
UG-313 Yumbe
format changed (see below)
Newsletter I-9 2007-11-28 Addition of administrative divisions and their codes Subdivisions added:
UG-317 Abim
UG-314 Amolatar
UG-216 Amuria
UG-319 Amuru
UG-217 Budaka
UG-218 Bukwa
UG-419 Bulisa
UG-219 Butaleja
UG-318 Dokolo
UG-416 Ibanda
UG-417 Isingiro
UG-315 Kaabong
UG-220 Kaliro
UG-418 Kiruhura
UG-316 Koboko
UG-221 Manafwa
UG-320 Maracha
UG-114 Mityana
UG-115 Nakaseke
UG-222 Namutumba
UG-321 Oyam
Newsletter II-1 2010-02-03
Addition of the country code prefix as the first code element, administrative update, alphabetical re-ordering Subdivisions added:
UG-223 Bududa
UG-224 Bukedea
UG-116 Lyantonde
Online Browsing
Platform (OBP)
2014-11-03 Add 32 districts UG-117 to UG- 124, UG-225 to UG-232 , UG-322 to UG-331 and UG-420 to UG-425; change subdivision category from district to city for UG-102 (TBD)
2016-11-15 Update Code Source; update List Source; change of parent subdivision of UG-325; deletion of asterisks from districts; change of subdivision code from UG-114 to UG-115, UG-115 to UG-116, UG-116 to UG-114, UG-218 to UG-220, UG-219 to UG-221, UG-220 to UG-222, UG-221 to UG-223, UG-222 to UG-224, UG-223 to UG-218, UG-224 to UG-219, UG-314 to UG-315, UG-315 to UG-318, UG-316 to UG-319, UG-317 to UG-314, UG-318 to UG-317, UG-319 to UG-316, UG-325 to UG-420, UG-326 to UG-325, UG-327 to UG-326, UG-328 to UG-327, UG-329 to UG-328, UG-330 to UG-329, UG-331 to UG-330, UG-416 to UG-417, UG-417 to UG-418, UG-418 to UG-419, UG-419 to UG-416, UG-420 to UG-421, UG-421 to UG-422, UG-422 to UG-423, UG-423 to UG-424, UG-424 to UG-425, UG-425 to UG-426 (TBD)
2017-11-23 Addition of districts UG-125, UG-233, UG-234, UG-331, UG-332, UG-427, UG-428, UG-429, UG-430, UG-431; update List Source (TBD)
2018-11-26 Addition of districts UG-126, UG-235, UG-236, UG-333, UG-334, UG-432; Update List Source (TBD)
2020-11-24 Addition of district UG-237, UG-335, UG-336, UG-337, UG-433, UG-434, UG-435; Change of spelling of UG-220; Removal of an asterisk from UG-125, UG-126, UG-233, UG-234, UG-235, UG-236, UG-331, UG-332, UG-333, UG-334, UG-427, UG-428, UG-429, UG-430, UG-431, UG-432 (TBD)

Codes changed in Newsletter I-5[edit]

Before After Subdivision name
UG-AJM UG-301 Adjumani
UG-APA UG-302 Apac
UG-ARU UG-303 Arua
UG-BUG UG-201 Bugiri
UG-BUN UG-401 Bundibugyo
UG-BUS UG-402 Bushenyi
UG-BUA UG-202 Busia
UG-GUL UG-304 Gulu
UG-HOI UG-403 Hoima
UG-IGA UG-203 Iganga
UG-JIN UG-204 Jinja
UG-KBL UG-404 Kabale
UG-KBR UG-405 Kabarole
UG-KLG UG-101 Kalangala
UG-KLA UG-102 Kampala
UG-KLI UG-205 Kamuli
UG-KAP UG-206 Kapchorwa
UG-KAS UG-406 Kasese
UG-KAT UG-207 Katakwi
UG-KLE UG-407 Kibaale
UG-KIB UG-103 Kiboga
UG-KIS UG-408 Kisoro
UG-KIT UG-305 Kitgum
UG-KOT UG-306 Kotido
UG-KUM UG-208 Kumi
UG-LIR UG-307 Lira
UG-LUW UG-104 Luwero
UG-MSK UG-105 Masaka
UG-MSI UG-409 Masindi
UG-MBL UG-209 Mbale
UG-MBR UG-410 Mbarara
UG-MOR UG-308 Moroto
UG-MOY UG-309 Moyo
UG-MPI UG-106 Mpigi
UG-MUB UG-107 Mubende
UG-MUK UG-108 Mukono
UG-NAK UG-109 Nakasongola
UG-NEB UG-310 Nebbi
UG-NTU UG-411 Ntungamo
UG-PAL UG-210 Pallisa
UG-RAK UG-110 Rakai
UG-RUK UG-412 Rukungiri
UG-SEM UG-111 Sembabule
UG-SOR UG-211 Soroti
UG-TOR UG-212 Tororo

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