Asumbuo language

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Native toSolomon Islands
Native speakers
10 (1999)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3aua

Asumbuo (Asubuo in local orthography; Asumboa or Asuboa in some sources) is a nearly extinct language spoken on the island of Utupua, in the easternmost province of the Solomon Islands.[2]


Like the two other languages of Utupua (Tanimbili and Amba), Asumbuo belongs to the Temotu subgroup of the Oceanic family, itself part of the Austronesian phylum.

Language vitality[edit]

With only about 10 speakers,[1] Asumbuo is a highly endangered language. Together with its neighbour Tanimbili, are currently being replaced by Amba (or Nebao), the main language of Utupua.


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