Babuza language

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Native toTaiwan
Ethnicity35 Babuza, Taokas (date missing)[1]
Extinct(date missing)[1]
Early form
  • Poavosa
  • Taokas
Language codes
ISO 639-3bzg (with Favorlang)
(orange) The Babuza, Papora-Hoanya, and Thao languages

Babuza is a Formosan language of the Babuza and Taokas, indigenous peoples of Taiwan. It is related to or perhaps descended from Favorlang, attested from the 17th century.

Babuza was once spoken along much of the western coast of Taiwan. Its two rather divergent dialects, Poavosa and the extinct Taokas, were separated by Papora and Pazeh.

The first commercial publication to be written in Taokas is the picture book Osubalaki, Balalong Ramut, published in 2020.[2]

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