Ghari language

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RegionGuadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Native speakers
12,000 (1999)[1]
  • 7,100 Ghari
  • 3,000 Ndi (Vaturanga)
  • 950 Gae (Nggae, Qae)
  • 550 Tandai-Nggaria (Tanaghai)
  • 490 Nginia
  • Geri (Nggeri)
Language codes
ISO 639-3gri

Ghari (also known as Gari, Tangarare, Sughu, and West Guadalcanal) is an Oceanic language spoken on Guadalcanal island of the Solomon Islands.

The Vaturanga dialect has been used extensively in missionary and liturgical translations, leading linguist Arthur Capell to describe it as a mission/ecclesiastical language.


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