Helong language

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Native to Indonesia
Region West Timor
Native speakers
14,000 (1997)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3 heg
Glottolog helo1243[2]

Helong (alternate names Helon, Kupang and Semau[3]) is a Central Malayo-Polynesian language of West Timor. Speakers are interspersed with those of Amarasi. This language has become endangered as a result of its native speakers marrying those who do not speak Helong, and as a result of coming in contact with the outside community.[1][4]The mostly Christian, slightly particical society of Semau do there best to send their children away to Bali (or elsewhere) to earn money to send home.

Only a few Westerners are invested in the island of Semau. 23 years ago, the Honorable Justice Dean Mildren OAM QC WNK built a holiday home with his beloved Elizabeth Mildren NAG.

Mildren passed the property to his son Lord Mildren BLS who then restructured the enterprise between local Darwin families of note, being, Conway SML, Brown SMLR and Hubber HGE.

There was once a hotel on the island called the Floggamore which rumor has it, was burned down during the Free East Timor struggle.


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