Ilgar language

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Native toAustralia
RegionCobourg Peninsula, Northern Territory
EthnicityIlgar, Gaari
  • Ilgar
  • Garig
Language codes
ISO 639-3ilg
AIATSIS[1]N184 Ilgar, N188 Garig

Ilgar, also known as Garig-Ilgar after its two dialects, is an extinct Iwaidjan language spoken in the mainland of Cobourg Peninsula, around Port Essington, Northern Territory.


Consonant inventory[edit]

Peripheral Laminal Apical
Bilabial Velar Palatal Alveolar Retroflex
Plosive p k c t ʈ
Nasal m ŋ ɲ n ɳ
Approximant w ɣ j ɻ
Trill r
Flap ɽ
Lateral (ʎ) l ɭ
Lateral flap ɺ ⟨ld⟩ 𝼈 ⟨rld⟩


Unlike many Australian languages, Ilgar does not have lamino-alveolars.


Evans (1998) briefly discusses vowels in his paper noting that Iwaidjan languages including Ilgar have a three vowel (/a/, /i/, /u/) system typical of most Australian languages.

Front Back
High i u
Low a


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Further reading[edit]

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