Totoli language

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Native toparts of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia
Native speakers
25,000 (2001)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3txe

Totoli (also known as Tolitoli) is a Sulawesi language of the Austronesian language family spoken by 25,000 people of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.



Totoli has a symmetrical voice system.[2] In the examples below, i Winarno mongusut kunji motorna is an actor voice construction, while kunji itu kusuti i Winarno. is an undergoer voice construction.

I Winaro moN-kusut kunji motor=na[2]:1
HON PN AV-look.for key scooter=3S.GEN
'Winarno is looking for the keys of his scooter.'
kunji itu kusut-i i Winaro[2]:1
key DIST look.for-UV2 HON PN
'The keys are being looked for by Winarno.'

The syntactic pivot can be placed before the predicate, as shown:

gaukan no-gutu ponguman itu[3]:142
king AV.RLS-make story DIST
'The king made this announcement.'
kopi ia ni-pogutu i Andris[3]:143
coffee PRX RLS(UG)-make PN Andrew
'Andrew made this coffee.'


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