Wik-Ngathan language

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Native toAustralia
RegionCape York Peninsula, Queensland
EthnicityWiknatanja, Wik-Kalkan
Native speakers
3 (2016 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3Either:
wig – Wik Ngathan
wik – Wikalkan
Glottologwikn1245  Wik-Ngathana[2]
AIATSIS[3]Y54 Wik Ngathan, Y51 Wik Ngatharr
Coordinates: 13°52′S 141°31′E / 13.867°S 141.517°E / -13.867; 141.517

Wik-Ngathan, or Wik-Iinjtjenj (Wik-Iinychanya), is a Paman language spoken on the Cape York Peninsula of Queensland, Australia, by the Wik-Ngathan people. It is closely related to the other Wik-Ngathan language, Wik-Ngatharr and more distantly to the other Wik languages. In 1981 there were 130 speakers.[4]

A dictionary of Wik-Ngathan has been compiled by Peter Sutton.[5]


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