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ISO Master
ISO Master screenshot debian.png
Screenshot of Spanish version of ISO Master running on Debian Lenny operating system
Developer(s) Andrew Smith
Stable release
1.3.13 / November 16, 2014; 2 years ago (2014-11-16)[1]
Operating system Linux, Windows
Type Optical disc authoring software
License GNU General Public License

ISO Master is an application for creating and modifying ISO9660 files (ISO images).

The first version was released as a working beta in August 2006 – with GTK+-based GUI widgets for the newly developed bkisofs (a library for reading and writing ISO9660 files in user space, including Joliet, RockRidge, and El Torito extensions).

A Windows version of this product was previously available but is discontinued due to financial problems.[2]


ISO Master can:

  • Create an ISO image from scratch
  • Add or remove files and directories to/from a CD image
  • Create bootable CDs
  • Read Nero image format

ISO Master supports Rock Ridge and Joliet file system.


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