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The Internet Service Providers Association of New Zealand (ISPANZ) is an organisation formed by Internet service providers (ISPs) in New Zealand. Its members include most New Zealand ISPs with the exceptions of Xtra, TelstraClear and Vodafone.

Its objectives are:[1]

  • To promote and facilitate the effective functioning of the Internet in NZ as an open system.
  • To promote wide connectivity and diverse styles of delivery for the Internet.
  • To promote a fully competitive market place for Internet services.
  • To inform concerning the possibilities for advancement of Internet services in NZ, and contribute to the wide understanding of the techniques and economics used in providing telecommunications infrastructure for the Internet.
  • To encourage diversity, innovation, cooperation and independence for Internet Service Providers, resellers and Internet users in NZ.


ISPANZ is led by a board of directors.

As of June 2012, the board consists of:[2]

  • Dave Mill - Director, President
  • Steve Ritchie - Director, Vice-President
  • Peter Gregory - Director, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Neil Fenemor - Director
  • Mark Frater - Director
  • John Heard - Director


The current members as of June 2012 are:

  1. Actrix Networks Limited
  2. CallPlus
  3. Citylink
  4. Compass Communications Ltd
  5. DTS
  6. FX
  7. ICONZ
  8. InSPire Net Limited
  9. ISPNZ Limited
  10. Knossos
  11. Maxnet
  12. Netspace
  13. NZRS
  14. New Zealand Technology Group
  15. Orcon Internet Limited
  16. Primo
  17. ReiverNet
  18. Snap Internet Limited
  19. theCloud Limited
  20. TrustPower
  21. Velocity
  22. WIC
  23. Woosh

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