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The ISU World Team Trophy in Figure Skating is a figure skating team competition sanctioned by the International Skating Union. The World Team Trophy was held for the first time in Tokyo, Japan from April 16 to 19, 2009. Traditionally, the competitive skating season had concluded with the World Championships.

The new event was announced at a news conference during the 2008 World Championships, in the hope of encouraging countries to develop top figure skaters in all disciplines.[1] Each country sends two men, two ladies, one pair and one ice dancing entry.

Competition and participants[edit]

The medal ceremony at the 2012 World Team Trophy.

Selected skaters from the six countries with the best results during the season compete in the disciplines of men's singles, ladies singles, pair skating, and ice dancing in a team format. The participating countries in the inaugural event were (in descending order of finish) the USA, Canada, Japan, France, Russia and China. The Japan Skating Federation paid the global prize money for the ISU World Team Trophy in 2009.[2] The total prize money in 2009 was 1,000,000 USD, the highest ever in an ISU event, with $200,000 awarded to the winning country.[1][3] In 2015, the qualifying countries (in descending order of qualification) were Russia, the United States, Japan, Canada, France and China, with the United States taking the title. Prize money was once again 1,000,000 USD.[4]


In 2009, there were reports that some of the participating skaters did not wish to take part in the event. Canadian ice dancer Scott Moir was quoted as saying that although the event was fun, skaters had been pressured to attend.[5] U.S. ice dancer Tanith Belbin told an interviewer that she and partner Benjamin Agosto had not been aware of the event until after the 2009 World Championships. Evan Lysacek, who had won the World Championship shortly before the World Team Trophy, was quoted in the same article as saying he was excited and looking forward to competing in Japan as part of the American team, referring to the event as "icing on the cake".[6]

In 2012, skaters expressed more enthusiasm about competing at the World Team Trophy. Daisuke Takahashi referred to the competition as "a lot of fun", while Scott Moir said it was turning into an exciting event, especially considering a team event would be contested at the 2014 Winter Olympics.[7]

Team standings[edit]

Team USA at the 2009 World Team Trophy medal ceremony.
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
2009 Japan Tokyo  United States  Canada  Japan
2011 Event cancelled after the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami
2012 Japan Tokyo  Japan  United States  Canada
2013 Japan Tokyo  United States  Canada  Japan
2015 Japan Tokyo  United States  Russia  Japan
2017 Japan Tokyo  Japan  Russia  United States


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