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The iSheep mascot, listening to an iPod.

iSheep was originally a SanDisk marketing description of users of iPod music player instead of SanDisk's own Sansa player. The marketing term is borrowed by some in technology sites and forums as an insult to a person who is a fan of Apple Inc. products.[1] The term is often used to bash Apple fanboys who over-advocate or promote the 'Apple cult' in online discussions, those usually involve fanboy wars over popular smartphone brands or manufacturers.


The term was introduced in May 2006 when SanDisk launched the "iDon’t" campaign to advertise the SanDisk Sansa.[2] iDon't calls on "free thinkers" to "break-free from restrictive formats and a single source for music," with slogans such as "You do not need to follow." The Campaign's site offered T-shirts, posters, and stickers featuring a monkey and asking, "Are you an iChimp?" Another image showed a sheep and says, "iSheep say Baah." while another showed a donkey trying to bite a carrot dangling in front of its face with the slogan "iFollow."[3][4][5]

The iSheep campaign was abandoned in July 2006, to give way to the "Lil'Monsta" mascot campaign.[6]


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