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iShine KNECT
Genre Christian media
Created by Robert Beeson
Written by
  • Robyn Blaikie Collins
  • Paula Corbello
  • Douglas Goodrich
  • Alan Tregoning
  • Jason Walter Vaile
Directed by Don Dartt
Presented by Paige Armstrong (Season 1)
Opening theme
  • "Time 2 Shine" performed by Jasmine, written by Jasmine and Tony Sagginario (season 1)
  • "iShine KNECT Theme Song" performed by Jonnie and Brookie (season 2, 3 and 4)
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 5
No. of episodes 36
Producer(s) Brenda Rossman
Editor(s) Joshua Ross
Running time 27 min. (approx.)
Production company(s) iShine
Original network
Original release 2009 (2009) – present

iShine KNECT is a Christian television show created by Robert Beeson as a part of the iShine ministry. It is broadcast on Trinity Broadcasting Network with a cast of teen singers, actors and dancers. Season five is in production. The show's first season was in 2009.

Season 1 (2009)[edit]

iShine's first season was written and directed by Beeson and Kevan Cyka. The show featured artists, performances and interviews as well as short segments where the cast did improvisation and comedy.

Season 2 (2010)[edit]

iShine is alive and the iShine staff worked with writers in Dallas, Texas, to create "Cafe iShine," a club built in the Trinity Broadcasting Network's studios. The show was filmed in high-definition and was along the lines of iCarly and Hannah Montana. The season was directed by Don Dartt and broadcast in July 2010. The season had twelve episodes and an additional Live Concert Special.

Season 3 (2011)[edit]

In 2011, Beeson and the iShine staff used Club iShine and revised it into "iShine Academy".

  • Mission Six
  • The Rubyz
  • Jamie Grace (talks about topics of the show)
  • Jonnie and Brookie
  • Caroline Grace (former member of pureNRG) (solo artist)
  • cKenzi Millermon (pronounced Kensie)
  • Ginger Millermon (portrays Ms. Handley, headmistress of the iShine Academy)
    She is strict and constantly sneaks up on Troy as well as saying "I'm watching you."She is Troy's girlfriend Amelia's Aunt Mildred according to the episode "Speak Truth".She always acts nice around Mr.Bridges so he doesn't suspect how harsh she is with Troy and the students.In the episode "Who's the Bully?" it is implied that she pulls the student's ears as she does to Alexis and Ckenzi for lying when they tell her Max was bullying Troy.
  • Kevan Cyka (portrays Mr. Bridges, ex-owner of the Academy and Club iShine; Cyka's record label Whiplash Records produces many of the musical acts on the show)
  • Doug Goodrich (as Troy, new owner and manager of the IShine Academy and Cafe IShine)
  • Rachel Dartt (as Mr. Bridges' lazy young niece who is supposed to work at the iShine cafe but somehow manages to escape work and leaves Troy to do all of the work.)
  • Zara Beeson(as Jax, Max's younger sister. She is also iShine founder Robert Beeson's youngest daughter.)
  • Tate Huesmann (as Max,the bully of iShine Academy throughout the series and Jax's older brother.He is the younger brother of Rubyz member Olivia Huesmann in real life.)

Season 3 Episodes[edit]

  1. Worship Mania
  2. Mission Six Spotlight
  3. The Rubyz Spotlight
  4. Jonnie & Brookie Spotlight
  5. Give em' Props
  6. Speak Truth
  7. Who's the Bully?
  8. Dawn of the Whiners
  9. Media Overload
  10. Just Do It

Season 4 (2013)[edit]

Season four of iShine Academy began on May 25, 2013.

  • Mission Six
  • The Rubyz
  • Caroline Grace (solo artist)
  • Rachel Chan (solo artist)
  • Spencer Kane (solo artist)
  • Tate Huesmann (solo artist; plays Max from Season 3; and is also Olivia's, from the Rubyz, little brother)
  • Doug Goodrich (as Troy)

Season 4 Episodes[edit]

  1. Rock n' Roll Model
  2. Media Overload Talk Show/Mission Six interview
  3. Never Too Young
  4. Bullying Talk Show/Rachel Chan/Spencer Kane interview
  5. Fractured Family Photo
  6. Never Too Young Talk Show/Caroline Grace/Madi Dooley interview
  7. My So-called Friend
  8. Fractured Family Photo Talk Show/Alexis Slifer of The Rubyz/Robert Beeson/Beeson Family interview
  9. The Perfect Storm
  10. Concert Special #1
  11. I Was a Teenage Me-Monster
  12. Concert Special #2

Season 4 features Mission Six, The Rubyz, Spencer Kane, Rachel Chan, Caroline Grace Williams, Tate Huesmann as Max, Zara Beeson as Jacks, Rachel Dartt as Audrey, Kevan Cyka as Mr. Bridges, and Doug Goodrich as Troy. A new actress played the role of Ms. Hambley for Season 4.

Season 5 (2014-2015)[edit]

Season 5 was in production through 2014. The first two episodes aired on Smile of a Child in late summer of 2015. The season features Mission Six, Rachel Chan, Spencer Kane, Tate Huesmann as Max, Zara Beeson as Jax, Doug Goodrich as Troy, Alexis Slifer and Olivia Huesmann, former members of The Rubyz , and new iShine artists Harper Gruzins, and Abigail Duhon making their debut on set.

Season 5 Episodes[edit]

  1. Friendship Talk Show/Olivia Huesmann/Alexis Slifer interview
  2. Fear Talk Show/Zara Beeson interview
  3. Say What
  4. Bible Discovered
  5. Bible Uncovered Talk Show/Tate Huesmann/Chad Slifer interview
  6. Goodbye Gossip (the last episode with Mission Six)
  7. Pray Tell
  8. Only The Lonely
  9. Only The Lonely Talk Show/Harper Gruzins/Cassie Bates interview
  10. The Final Goodbye (the last episode with The Rubyz as Alexis Slifer and Olivia Huesmann)



  • Note that most of the information in this article is taken from the credits at the end of the show and information given by cast members.

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