Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation

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Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation
Sport Twenty 20 Cricket
Abbreviation ITCF
Founded 2001
Affiliation International Twenty 20 Cricket Federation
Affiliation date April-2001
Regional affiliation Asian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation
Affiliation date 2003
Location Patiala, Punjab
Secretary Shri Piyush Rana
Official website

The Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation, or ITCF, is headquartered at Patiala, Punjab, India.[attribution needed] The federation was formed in April 2001 as the national governing body for the Twenty 20 format of cricket in India.[dubious ]

This Cricket federation is registered with the Registrar of Firms & Societies under the 1860 Society Act. To become a member of a state-level association, an applicant needs to be introduced by another member and has to pay an annual fee. The state-level associations select their representatives who in turn select the ITCF officials.[attribution needed]

As a member of the International Twenty 20 Cricket Federation,[attribution needed] it has the authority to select players, umpires and officials to participate in the events and exercises total control. Without its recognition, no competitive cricket involving ITCF-contracted Indian players can be hosted within or outside the country.[attribution needed]

Shri Piyush Rana is the Founder Honorary Secretary General & TM owner of ITCF Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation (Regd.)

Indian Premier Corporate League (IPCL)[edit]

IPCL Indian Premier Corporate League (IPCL) is an official Tournament Of Indian Twenty 20 Cricket Federation (ITCF INDIA)


1. North Zone

2. West Zone

3. South Zone

4. Central Zone

5. East Zone

Women's Cricket[edit]

All India Women Twenty 20 Cricket Association, the AWTCA

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