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ITN Lanka
Launched 13 April 1979 (1979-04-13)
Picture format
Slogan Your Family Channel
Country Sri Lanka
Language Sinhala
Broadcast area Sri Lanka
Sister channel(s) Vasantham TV
Dialog TV Channel 4
PEO TV Channel 3
Streaming media
Watch live

The ITN channel is a television channel which broadcasts in Sri Lanka. It is the flagship television channel of the Independent Television Network Limited, a state governed television and radio broadcaster in Sri Lanka.[1]


The ITN channel was launched on the 13th of April 1979.[1] The channel was the first terrestrial television channel in Sri Lanka and was the pioneer of colour television transmission in Sri Lanka.[2]

Frequency and coverage[edit]

ITN coverage extends to approximately 99% of the island of Sri Lanka.[3] ITN broadcasts on the following frequencies; VHF Ch9, VHF Ch 12 and VHF Ch 24. The channel is also streamed live via the The ITN Channel website


The channel primarily broadcasts content in the Sinhala language with daily news broadcasts in Tamil and English languages. The channel won many awards for the Best Programme of the Year for programs like Atapattama, and Doramadalawa. The channel is also popular for the Sinhala soap operas, few such awards winning popular soap operas are Muthu kirilli, Batti, Paba, Sihina Wasanthayak and Amanda.

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