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ITT Interconnect Solutions is a globally diversified connector and connector assembly manufacturing company. Founded in 1915 as Cannon (company) by James H. Cannon, the company developed some of the first equipment for sound films in the early years of the movie industry, including a synchronous motor drive to remotely operate a motion picture projector together with a phonograph. The first "Cannon plug", the M-1 connector, was initially designed as a quick grounding connection for the electrical motor on a portable meat grinder and was adapted for movie sound equipment, enabling the new electrical camera to move freely about while “shooting” a scene. Cannon's M-1 connector was incorporated into the sound equipment used to make the first "talking" motion picture, The Jazz Singer. Cannon continued to develop connectors for the entertainment industry, including the “P” Series audio connectors developed for Paramount Studios, as well as connectors used in the first radio microphones, the first black-and-white television cameras, and the first color television equipment.

In the early 1930s, Cannon was contracted by Douglas Aircraft Company to develop a circular connector for use on the DC-1 and on the subsequent DC-2 and DC-3 aircraft platforms. As the aerospace industry evolved, McDonnell Douglas Aircraft – as it became known – remained a key customer for Cannon throughout its existence. During the late 1930s with World War II on the horizon, Cannon began volume production of multi-contact electrical connectors, which were used by virtually every aircraft builder in the United States. Cannon's AN Series (for "Army/Navy") connector, developed for military aircraft applications, set the standard for modern military connector specifications.[citation needed]

An ITT D-Sub.
D-sub Connector

In the 1950s, Cannon developed the D-subminiature connector for the military/aerospace market, and the company became an international supplier of connectors and interconnection systems with umbilical connectors designed to meet the specialized needs of guided missiles ranging from small rockets to multistage vehicles. To date, ITT Interconnect Solutions’ (ICS) connectors have been used on every free world space mission.[citation needed]

An ITT D-Sub.
XLR Audio Connector

ITT Cannon also developed the XLR connector in the 1950s for military communications applications as well as sound equipment for professional recording studios. Over the years, the XL Series audio connector became a universal solution for both analog and digital connections, and in 2008 the connector was inducted into the TECnology Hall of Fame by the Mix Foundation for Excellence in Audio.

An ITT Circular Connectors.
Circular Connectors

During this time, the company also became a key connector supplier to the U.S space program with the development of several specialized connectors for a wide range of aerospace applications, including a special microminiature connector developed for use on space suits. NASA awarded Cannon the Medallion for Distinguished Service for its efforts in the first U.S. manned lunar landing. The United Space Alliance recently presented ITT Interconnect Solutions with a certificate of appreciation for supporting the shuttle and international space station programs with a variety of circular and fiber optic connectors.

ITT Cannon entered the medical electronics industry with the development of fiber optic microminiature connectors for diagnostic equipment as well as electronic prostheses to restore eyesight, hearing and other functions. These fiber optic connectors also opened up opportunities in the telecommunications market.

In the automotive and transportation markets, ITT Cannon developed heavy duty durable connectors capable of withstanding high temperatures and harsh environments, many of which are used in vehicles designed by BMW, Ferrari, General Motors and many others.

Acquiring BIW[edit]

In 2001, ITT Cannon purchased BIW, a manufacturer of electrical power connectors, cables and harnessing. BIW designed and manufactured the first power feedthru connectors for electric submersible pumps used in artificial lifts for oil wells, and the company developed the first field attachable connectors for electric submersible pump power cables.

An ITT APD Connectors.
APD Connectors

Acquiring VEAM[edit]

In 2003, ITT Cannon acquired VEAM, a manufacturer of specialized high reliabiilty DIN rail, multipin, bulkhead sensor and power connectors serving the transportation, military and nuclear markets. As part of ITT Interconnect Solutions, VEAM also offers complete junction box assemblies for mass transit applications.

ITT Interconnect Solutions Today[edit]

In 2007, ITT Cannon changed its name to ITT Interconnect Solutions. Headquartered in Irvine, California, ITT Interconnect Solutions is a division of ITT Corporation, a $2.2 billion diversified high-technology engineering and manufacturing company that serves customers in more than 50 countries. Encompassing the brands Cannon, VEAM and BIW Connector Systems, ITT Interconnect Solutions designs and manufactures connectors, interconnect systems, cable assemblies, I/O card kits, LAN components, and engineered custom solutions for the military/aerospace, civil aviation, industrial instrumentation, medical, petroleum, energy, transportation, telecommunications, Computer, Consumer and automotive markets.