ITU TRIGA Mark-II Training and Research Reactor

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ITU Triga Mark II
Operating Institution Istanbul Technical University
Location Istanbul, Turkey
Power 250 kW (thermal)
Construction and Upkeep
Construction Cost $20 million TL
First Criticality March 11, 1979
Technical Specifications
Max Thermal Flux 8.1e12 n/cm^2-s
Max Fast Flux 1.8e12 n/cm^2-s
Cooling Light water
Neutron Moderator Light water, zirconium hydride
Neutron Reflector Graphite, light water
Control Rods Boron carbide
3 per element

ITU TRIGA Mark-II Training and Research Reactor is a nuclear research reactor located in Istanbul Technical University, Turkey. It is a light water reactor, the 54th TRIGA in the world designed and manufactured by General Atomics. The facility was opened on March 11, 1979.[1]

It is second operational and third installed nuclear research reactors in Turkey, the other being in Çekmece Nuclear Research and Education Center.


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