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ITV or iTV may refer to:


  • Independent Television (ITV), a British television network, consisting of:
    • ITV (TV network), a free-to-air national commercial television network covering the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands
    • ITV1, a brand name used by ITV plc for twelve franchises of the ITV television network covering England, Southern Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands
    • ITV Digital, a defunct UK digital terrestrial television broadcaster, which opened in 1998 as ONdigital and closed in 2002
    • ITV plc, the British parent company which owns thirteen of the fifteen ITV television network franchises
    • ITV Studios, a television production company owned by ITV plc
    •, the main website of ITV plc
  • ITV Parapentes, a defunct French aircraft manufacturer
  • ITV Independent Television Tanzania, a Tanzanian television station and member of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA)
  • CITV-DT, a television station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Internacia Televido, the first Esperanto-language television station, internet-based, defunct from 2006
  • Information Television Network, an American television production company based in Florida
  • ITV Network (India), a media group


  • iTV (Thailand), a Thai television station, renamed in 2007 as TITV, now defunct and replaced by Thai Public Broadcasting Service
  • iTV, formerly a Vietnamese interactive music channel, owned by Vietnam Multimedia Corporation
  • iTV, the pre-release codename for the Apple TV Home media product
  • i-Television, a television station in Ehime Prefecture, Japan
  • Interactive television (iTV), television which allows the exchange of information between the sender and the receiver
  • i: Independent Television, now called Ion Television, an American free-to-air television network
  • İctimai Television, an Azerbaijani public independent television station, based in Baku