ITV Cable 16

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iTV Cable 16
Type cable television network
Availability Cable-only in San Diego
Official website

iTV Cable 16 is a local Educational-access television cable TV channel based in San Diego, California, United States, and is operated by the California Department of Education through the San Diego County Office of Education. It is broadcast from its own master control facility and distributed on San Diego area Cox and Spectrum systems on channel 16. The channel was originally launched in 1993 and its programing has changed throughout the year, however some of their current programs include "First Vote", "Math2Success", "Ethical" and monthly live coverage of the San Diego County Board of Education meetings. iTV Cable 16 is also well known for its broadcasts of the "Academic League" student knowledge competitions. All of these programs relate to education and issues effecting the educational community.

iTV splits its airtime with Palomar College Television.

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