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For other uses, see I-War (disambiguation).

iWar is the term used by NATO to describe a form of Internet-based warfare.[1]

iWar comparisons[edit]

iWar is distinct from cyber-warfare, cyber-terrorism and information warfare. These refer to sensitive military and critical infrastructure assets, and to battlefield communications and satellite intelligence. iWar refers to attacks carried out over the Internet that target the consumer Internet infrastructure, for example: websites that provide access to online services.[1]

iWar attack[edit]

iWar is conducted by a denial-of-service attack, which bombards a high volume of information requests to overwhelm a computer or networking system on the Internet.

iWar in the future[edit]

The two trends of increasing vulnerability over the Internet and ease of attack make conflagration of iWar probable.

2008 Russia-Georgian conflict[edit]

The 2008 South Ossetia war heralded the arrival of iWar.[2]

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