IXI Limited

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IXI Limited
Industry computer software
Fate Acquired by SCO in 1993
Founded 1988
Defunct 1993
Headquarters Cambridge, UK
Key people
Ray Anderson
Products remote software, terminal software

IXI Limited was a Cambridge, UK-based software company founded in 1988. The company was a supplier of windowing software for Unix, supporting all the popular UNIX platforms of the time.

IXI's best-known product was X.desktop, an X11-based graphical desktop for UNIX systems. It also sold IXI Panorama (a window manager), IXI Premier Motif, IXI Wintif (a version of Motif with Microsoft Windows 3.11, and later Windows 95, look-and-feel) and Motif training courses. The IXI Mosaic product included with later versions of X.desktop and IXI Panorama was “the world's first commercial web browser”, according to IXI founder Ray Anderson.

IXI was acquired by the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) in February 1993. The IXI brand continued until 1995 when the company (now a business unit of SCO) was merged with another SCO acquisition, Visionware, to form IXI Visionware. Later that year the merged business unit was integrated more fully into its parent and became the Client Integration Division of SCO. This division developed and released the Tarantella terminal services application in 1997 and became the core of Tarantella, Inc. in 2001.

Following company-wide layoffs, the Cambridge development site closed in 2003.

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