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IZ, Iz, or iZ may refer to:

  • Arkia (IATA code: IZ), an Israeli airline
  • Immobilien Zeitung, a weekly specialist journal for the German real estate industry
  • Inclusionary zoning, an American term which refers to municipal and county planning ordinances
  • International zone, a type of extraterritoriality governed by international law
  • Invader Zim, an American animated television series
  • Iraq (NATO country code: IZ), a country in Western Asia
  • Israel Kamakawiwoʻole (also called "Bruddah Iz"; 1959–1997), Hawaiian musician, entertainer and Hawaiian sovereignty activist
  • , an island in the Zadar Archipelago
  • iZ (toy), an electronic musical toy released in September 2005 from Zizzle
  • IZ the Wiz (1958–2009), one of the most prominent graffiti writers of the New York graffiti movement
  • The Trace (film) (Turkish: Iz), a 1994 Turkish thriller film

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