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Izze (pronounced iz-ee) is the brand name of a line of carbonated juice drinks produced by the IZZE Beverage Company in Boulder, Colorado, which is owned by PepsiCo. The drinks consist of 70% fruit juice from concentrate, and 30% seltzer water. Izze is an all-natural, no-preservatives-added fruit soda.


In February 2002 in Boulder, Colorado, Todd Woloson and Greg Stroh devised a plan to create a fruit-juice-based carbonated beverage, settling on a formula by that June and shortly thereafter forming the Izze Beverage Company. The name derives from Isabelle, the daughter of Todd Woloson, who is known as "Izze" by friends and family.[1]

On September 26, 2006, the company was purchased by PepsiCo. PepsiCo has announced plans to leave the Izze formula as is, only assisting with marketing efforts.[2]


  • Blackberry - Introduced May 2003[3]
  • Grapefruit - Introduced May 2003[3]
  • Lemon - Introduced May 2003, discontinued 2007, reintroduced May 2012 for Izze's 10th anniversary. While initially a limited-time flavor, it was brought back as a permanent member of the Izze family.[4]
  • Pear - Introduced May 2003, discontinued February 2008
  • Clementine - Introduced February 2004[3]
  • Blueberry - Introduced April 2004[3]
  • Pomegranate - Introduced March 2005[3]
  • Apple - Introduced April 2006[3]
  • Cranberry - Introduced November 2006, discontinued December 2006, Only available at Starbucks.[5]
  • Peach - Introduced March 2008[3]
  • Birch - Introduced April 2009[3]
  • Ginger - Introduced April 2009[3]
  • Lime - Introduced April 2009,[3] discontinued April 2013 due to low sales
  • Guava - Introduced April 2010, discontinued[6]
  • Papaya - Introduced at an unknown time, discontinued.[7]
  • Cherry Lime - Introduced June 2013. Only available at Kroger's Grocery Stores.[7]
  • Strawberry Basil - Introduced June 2013. Only available at Whole Foods.[7]
  • Mint Lime - Introduced May 2014. Only available at Whole Foods.

Lemon, Cherry Lime, and Strawberry Basil are the three newest flavors, which are being promoted for the summer in 2013. The company has announced that other flavors are under way, and has hinted at possibly releasing a mango flavor.[7]


The company's first brand extension is a lower-calorie beverage than the company's original sodas, using fruit juice and sugar as sweeteners. The first three flavors were introduced June 2007, with watermelon being added in March 2011.[3]

IZZE Fortified[edit]

In 2008, the company introduced its next brand extension, five flavors of a soda supplemented with 30% USRDA vitamin C, 10% vitamin B6 and niacin.[3]


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