Izze Beverage Company

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IZZE Beverage Company
Industry Beverage
Founded 2002
Headquarters Boulder, Colorado, United States
Key people
Todd Woloson and Greg Stroh
Products IZZE, Izze-esque
Parent PepsiCo
Website www.izze.com

IZZE Beverage Company is the name of the company that produces the Izze line of fruit-derived carbonated soft drinks commonly sold at Starbucks and other coffee shops, Chipotle, Whole Foods, Target, Costco, other health food and grocery stores. IZZE is made of 70% fruit juice and 30% sparkling water. The company was founded in Boulder, Colorado by Todd Woloson and Greg Stroh in 2002. Izze has founded the charity program Project Reach. This program helps give more educational opportunities to families of the farmers that sell their fruit to Izze.

On September 26, 2006, IZZE Beverage Co was purchased by PepsiCo. PepsiCo has announced that it plans to leave IZZE as is, only assisting with marketing efforts.[1]

The IZZE Beverage Co introduced its second line of beverages, IZZE-esque, on March 9, 2007. IZZE-esque is reminiscent of the original IZZE but contains approximately 60 calories per serving versus the 90-120 per serving in original IZZE and contains 25% fruit juice versus 70%.[2]

The name IZZE was chosen because the creator's daughter is named Isabel and "Izze" is her nickname.[3]


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