I Advance Masked

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I Advance Masked
Andy Summers & Robert Fripp - I Advance Masked.jpg
Studio album by Andy Summers and Robert Fripp
Released 1982
Recorded September 1981–May 1982
Genre Experimental rock, ambient, progressive rock
Length 38:43
Label A&M
Producer Robert Fripp, Andy Summers
Andy Summers and Robert Fripp chronology
I Advance Masked
Robert Fripp chronology
Let the Power Fall: An Album of Frippertronics
I Advance Masked
Andy Summers chronology
I Advance Masked
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link
Rolling Stone 4/5 stars link

I Advance Masked is a 1982 album by English guitarists Andy Summers and Robert Fripp. It is the pair's first of two album collaborations (Bewitched would follow in 1984), and it consists of 13 instrumental tracks. According to Summers, the album was "a synthesis of two guys who grew up playing guitar, heard the Beatles, listened to jazz, have been influenced by Oriental music and Steve Reich, but still happen to be playing in a rock context. Every track started the same way, just two guitars. On some of them I played a little bass or put on a bit of percussion or string synthesizer. There are no drums but you don't miss them. Some of it is very accessible and some is very avant-garde".[1] The title track was released as a single with Hardy Country on the flip side.

Track listing[edit]

All tracks composed by Robert Fripp and Andy Summers

Side one[edit]

  1. "I Advance Masked" – 5:14
  2. "Under Bridges of Silence" – 1:41
  3. "China – Yellow Leader" – 7:09
  4. "In the Cloud Forest" – 2:30
  5. "New Marimba" – 3:38
  6. "Girl on a Swing" – 2:03

Side two[edit]

  1. "Hardy Country" – 3:00
  2. "The Truth of Skies" – 2:07
  3. "Painting and Dance" – 3:24
  4. "Still Point" – 3:08
  5. "Lakeland/Aquarelle" – 1:43
  6. "Seven on Seven" – 1:38
  7. "Stultified" – 1:25


  • Robert Fripp – electric guitars, Moog and Roland synthesizers, Roland Guitar Synthesizer, Fender bass, percussion
  • Andy Summers – electric guitars, Moog and Roland synthesizers, Piano, Roland Guitar Synthesizer, Fender bass, percussion


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