I Almost Lost My Mind

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"I Almost Lost My Mind"
Single by Ivory Joe Hunter
Format 78-rpm record
Recorded October 1, 1949
Genre Rhythm and blues
Songwriter(s) Ivory Joe Hunter

"I Almost Lost My Mind" is a popular song written by Ivory Joe Hunter and published in 1950. Hunter's recording of the song was a number one hit on the US Billboard R&B chart in that year.[1]

The recording of the 12-bar blues by R&B star Ivory Joe Hunter was made on October 1, 1949 and was a rhythm and blues hit that became a pop standard. The best selling version of the song was a cover version by Pat Boone, hitting number one on the Billboard charts in 1956.

It has since been recorded by a variety of pop artists, big bands, country and western stars, rock and rollers, and Latin, jazz and blues performers.

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