I Am Become Death

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"I Am Become Death"
Heroes episode
I Am Become Death.jpg
Peter and Sylar are confronted by Future Claire, Daphne and Knox.
Episode no.Season 3
Episode 4
Directed byDavid Von Ancken
Written byAron Eli Coleite
Production code304
Original air dateOctober 6, 2008
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"One of Us, One of Them"
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"Angels and Monsters"
Heroes (season 3)
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"I Am Become Death" is the fourth episode of the third season of the NBC science fiction drama series Heroes and thirty-eighth episode overall. It was written by Aron Coleite and directed by David Von Ancken. The episode aired on October 6, 2008.[1] The title is a reference to a phrase from the Bhagavad Gita and was famously quoted by J. Robert Oppenheimer; "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds."


Peter travels four years into the future with his future self, in order to learn what he can. To the horror of both Peters, Kaito's formula is now being used to administer adrenal power enhancements to ordinary people, some of whom are unable or unwilling to control their abilities. Future Peter tells Present Peter that people are coming after him because they believe he is a terrorist, and that they need to find Sylar because his ability of intuitive aptitude can help to understand the cause and effect of time travel, thereby enabling Present Peter to fix the problematic future. Not long after arriving in the future, the Claire of this future assassinates Future Peter. Because the Haitian is present, Future Peter cannot regenerate and dies. Present Peter flees, avoiding Claire's partner, The Haitian, and begins searching for Mohinder.

Mohinder, whose mutation has progressed much further and is hiding alone in shadows, tries in vain to stop himself from informing Present Peter that Sylar is living in Costa Verde, as Peter reads his mind. Teleporting to Costa Verde and expecting a fight, Peter finds that a friendly Sylar has reassumed his former identity of Gabriel Gray, and is now raising his young son, Noah, in Claire's former home. A desperate Peter tries to steal Gabriel's ability, but is resisted, arguing that his power comes at the dangerous risk of a predatory appetite for 'understanding', which Gabriel himself now barely controls for the sake of his son. He reveals to Peter that they are brothers.

In the present, Hiro and Ando are imprisoned in the Company's cell, arguing over their hurt feelings from Daphne's tactics. Matt Parkman, still on his "spirit walk," has a vision of the same future Peter is visiting in which he and Daphne are raising Molly and an infant together.

In the future, Peter convinces Gabriel to paint the future and see the coming devastation. Convinced, Gabriel finally teaches Peter his power by having Peter fix his watch; the same watch from the present time which he carries as a "scar". Gabriel regretfully tells Peter he has his power now, and the inevitable "hunger" which comes with it. Future Claire, Knox and Daphne show up to kill Peter, having learned his whereabouts from Molly. They hold Gabriel and Peter at bay by taking Gabriel's son, Noah, as a hostage, but when Knox accidentally kills the child, an enraged Gabriel beats Knox into submission and loses control of his radiation ability. Peter tries in vain to stop Gabriel before he explodes, reducing Costa Verde to nuclear waste, and killing over 200,000 people. Peter and Claire survive due to their regeneration powers and Claire takes Peter back to the base. Daphne the speedster runs and manages to get back to Matt and Molly. Fatally wounded from the blast, she tells Matt that she "wasn't fast enough" before collapsing in his arms, fulfilling the image that Usutu has painted.

Nathan, who in this future is the President and married to Tracy, attempts to reason with Peter, offering Peter the opportunity to read his mind to see if he's sincere. Peter nearly kills Nathan upon gaining a morbid curiosity of how Nathan's mind works due to Sylar's powers. Angry and horrified with himself, Peter stops short of cutting Nathan's head open and teleports back to the present Level 5, where he enters Sylar's prison cell for an angry confrontation, in which Sylar confirms that he is Peter's brother.

In the present, Tracy attempts to commit suicide by jumping off a bridge. However, under advice from Linderman, Nathan flies in and saves her. Later, she shows Nathan her ability by freezing his glass. The two then kiss.

Throughout the episode, Mohinder is researching a possible cure for the powers he's given himself, verbally lashing out at Maya. Mohinder's aggression continues to increase when he intervenes in a domestic dispute of his neighbors, beating the man. Later, Mohinder is attacked by the neighbor for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. With a smile, Mohinder responds by dragging the man into his apartment.

Hiro and Ando, finally resolving their differences, try to escape through a vent and are caught by the Haitian. Later, Angela Petrelli mentions that Hiro's father would have been disappointed with him for losing both portions of the formula, which can be used to give powers to anyone. A disheartened Hiro apologizes, only to have Ando proudly proclaim that Hiro will not rest until the formula is retrieved. Angela alludes to Hiro that he already has "the key" to doing this. The scene switches to Hiro and Ando in a graveyard, digging up Adam Monroe who, upon seeing Hiro, lunges at him. The episode ends with Adam saying; "Hiro, you son of a...".


This is one of the weakest Heroes episodes according to critics.[2][3][4][5]

The episode was given a score of D+ by The A.V. Club reviewer Noel Murray.[6]

Robert Canning of IGN gave the episode 7.6 out of 10.[7]


In the 18-49 demographic, "I Am Become Death" earned a 4.0/9 ratings share. The episode was watched by 8.2 million viewers.[citation needed]


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