I Am Ghost

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I Am Ghost
Origin Long Beach, California
Genres Post-hardcore,[1] gothic rock,[2] emo[3]
Years active 2004–2010
Labels Epitaph Records
Associated acts Falling in Reverse, Requiem
Website www.iamghostmusic.com
Members Steven Juliano
Tim Rosales III
Ron Ficarro
Justin McCarthy
Chad Kulengosky
Past members Brian Telestai
Kerith Telestai
Ryan Seaman
Gabriel Iraheta
Victor Angel Camarena

I Am Ghost was an American post-hardcore band from Long Beach, California, conceived of and founded by Steven Juliano in 2004. They were signed to Epitaph Records from 2005 to 2010, before splitting up in July 2010.[4]


Singer Steve Juliano utilized his knowledge of MySpace to attract prospective members to I Am Ghost and formed the original members that included lead guitarist Timoteo Rosales III; rhythm guitarist Gabe Iraheta; violinist Kerith Telestai and her husband, bassist/keyboardist Brian Telestai, and drummer, Victor Camarena. Camerana was replaced early on before they started touring by Ryan Seaman, who now plays drums for Falling In Reverse.

After signing to Epitaph Records, the band's self recorded and self released EP entitled We Are Always Searching was remastered and re-released by the label. Epitaph issued the band's first full length album Lovers' Requiem on October 10, 2006. Juliano explains, "It’s essentially a rock opera but for hardcore or Goth kids."[5]

I Am Ghost toured with Biffy Clyro, TheAUDITION and The Bronx on the Kerrang! Tour 2007, the Epitaph Tour 2007 with Escape the Fate, The Matches, and The Higher, the Take Action Tour in 2006, and played on Warped Tour 2006 and Warped Tour 2007 in support of their first full length record..

Band violinist/vocalist Kerith Telestai released an official statement on June 29, 2007, stating that she would be unable to continue touring and would be leaving I Am Ghost due to health reasons [6] after being hospitalized in both Spokane, WA and Denver, CO on their tour with The Chariot. A few days after Kerith's departure, her husband, Brian Telestai, announced that he too would be leaving the band[7] after the 2007 Warped Tour and their tour with Aiden. According to Juliano, there was a conflict among the remaining members of I Am Ghost and the Telestai's, concerning the direction of I Am Ghost. During the 2007 Warped Tour, bassist/vocalist Ron Ficarro was invited to join the band and replace Brian Telestai.

The band's second full length release, Those We Leave Behind, was released on October 7, 2008. Their second album was met with mixed reviews. Some people felt their new distilled sound was meaner, more aggressive, and only a slight departure from their previous sound, while a lot of their fan base still expected to hear the classic elements of violin and choral voices that had become part of their signature sound. "[Their new sound] has become a big debate between I Am Ghost fans" [8] "[Kerith] helped provide life to the band, and she’s sorely missed. The guitar work of Gabe Iraheta and the drumming of Ryan Seaman are also missed; it’s evident that their musicianship was much better than those who have replaced them".[9] Which is pretty ironic, given the name of the album. In fact, many have speculated that Juliano wrote the song, "Smile of A Jesus Freak", specifically about Kerith Telestai. Regardless, there are fans on both sides of the debate: "[Their music is] less epic than before, which I felt had been my favorite appeal to them, but there style and sound of We Are Always Searching is defiantly there. Their key choruses and pounding breakdowns and bridges remain untampered, and the drumming is still right on track." [10] A more brutal review stated, "They might be one of the few remaining screamo bands who’ve yet to change their sound or move onto greener pastures. It’s both commendable and stupid in some aspects." [11]

I Am Ghost toured Europe and the United States in support of the album, most recently supporting Toronto, Canada's dark rock favorites, The Birthday Massacre.

On July 17, 2010, Juliano announced the band's break-up. According to him, the band had "...matured and grown up."[12]



Studio albums
Live albums
  • Live in Orange County (2009)


  • "Civil War and Isolation Thirst" (2005)
  • "Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps" (2006)
  • "Saddest Story Never Told" (2009)

Post band[edit]

As of September 2010, Steve Juliano (vocals) formed a new band "Requiem for the Dead". The band released its debut album, "Always and Forever" September 2, 2011.[13] In 2014 Steve Juliano announced on his Facebook page that the band's name would be shortened to "Requiem".

As of April 20, 2011, Tim Rosales (guitar) formed a group called "GHZT:DGTL", which consists of collaborations with artists he met around the world.

As of December 2011, founding member Victor Angel Camarena (drums) plays for the djent band Emissary. The EP entitled "Sentinels" will be available early 2012.[14]

As of May 2010, Ryan Seaman (drums) is playing drums for Falling In Reverse as a permanent member.[15]

On January 15, 2012, Ron Ficarro (bass) is playing bass for Falling In Reverse, after the departure of their previous bassist Mika Horiuchi.[16]

As of August 2013, Kerith Telestai is teaching 5th grade in the Meridian, Idaho school district. Brian & Kerith Telestai founded Idaho Rising Stars Performing Arts Camps in 2010 to teach kids the basics of singing, acting, and dancing.[17]


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