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I Am Mordred is a fantasy novel written by Nancy Springer. It begins with King Arthur having intercourse with his half-sister and placing all the newborn babies born on May 30 on a boat to drown, including his own son, Mordred. After a long, hard voyage through the cold waters of the ocean, only Mordred survives. A fisherman and his wife find and adopt him. When Mordred is about six years old, Nyneve, a sorceress, approaches and takes Mordred away to his biological mother. Mordred is not too keen on becoming a prince, for that means that he has to be a brave, strong, and skilled warrior, someone he is not.


I am Mordred is a Booklist's Top 10 Fantasy Books for 1999 and an ALA's Best Book for Young Adults.[1][2] The novel also won the 1999 Carolyn W. Field Award.[3]


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