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I Am Second
An image of the I Am Second platform
Founded December 2, 2008 (2008-12-02)
Founder Norm Miller
Type Religious
  • Plano, Texas
Area served
Key people
Norm Miller - Founder, Curtis Hail - e3 Partners Ministry President, Mike Jorgensen - Vice President North-America, John Humphrey - Director of Communications, Buddy Vaughn - Media Buying, DX Media[citation needed]
Mission Inspiring a Revolution of Second
Website iamsecond.com

I Am Second is a multimedia movement and not-for-profit organization that is designed to inspire people to put Jesus Christ first.[1][how?][2][self-published source?] Founded by the CEO and Chairman of the Interstate Battery System of America, Norm Miller, and in partnership with a group of individuals from e3 Partners Ministry,[3][self-published source?] I Am Second has become a platform for Christian evangelism.[citation needed]


I Am Second was founded on December 2, 2008,[4] in collaboration with a small team from e3 Partners Ministry with whom Miller had worked before.[3] Started as an outreach organization for those individuals living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,[3] I Am Second has grown into an international movement.[citation needed]


I Am Second's website advertises ways in which an individual can become involved with the movement.[1] In particular, the website shows readers video-testimonies from a large group of individuals who have been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and have found the power to overcome various struggles through putting Jesus Christ first. Each video-testimony is featured to correspond with a specific subject area or common struggle that people are experiencing or have experienced throughout their lives.[citation needed]


Effectively labelled as "Seconds"[according to whom?], those individuals who commit to sharing the dramatic effects of their faith through the movement’s website consist of ordinary Christians, as well as more well-known individuals, such as professional athletes and celebrities.[citation needed]


In order to strengthen connection to others involved in the movement and in their Christian faith, I Am Second groups have been established by the organization.[5] These groups are centered on discussions wherein people share and discuss daily struggles and issues of life in a Christian context. One of the main goals of these groups are to introduce the idea of people restructuring their life in a way in which they put God first and themselves second. Furthermore, I Am Second groups function in order to help members explore and discover their own personal purpose in life, as well as unite people who are on similar spiritual journeys.[citation needed]


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