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I Am Second
An image of the I Am Second platform
Founded December 2, 2008 (2008-12-02)
Founder Norm Miller
Type Religious
  • Plano, Texas
Area served
Key people
Norm Miller - Founder, Curtis Hail - e3 Partners Ministry President, Mike Jorgensen - Vice President North-America, John Humphrey - Director of Communications, Buddy Vaughn - Media Buying, DX Media
Mission Inspiring a Revolution of Second
Website iamsecond.com

I Am Second is a multimedia movement and not-for-profit organization that is designed to inspire people to live differently.[1] Founded by the CEO and Chairman of the Interstate Battery System of America, Norm Miller, and in partnership with a group of individuals from e3 Partners Ministry,[2] I Am Second has become a platform for Christian evangelism.


I Am Second was founded on December 2, 2008,[3] in collaboration with a small team from e3 Partners Ministry with whom Miller had worked with before.[2] Started as an outreach organization for those individuals living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area,[2] I Am Second has grown into an international movement.


I Am Second's website advertises ways in which an individual can become involved with the movement .[4] In particular, the website shows readers video-testimonies from a large group of individuals who have been transformed by the power of Jesus Christ and have found the power to overcome various struggles through putting Jesus Christ first. Each video-testimony is featured to correspond with a specific subject area or common struggle that people are experiencing or have experienced throughout their lives.


Effectively labelled as "Seconds", those individuals who commit to sharing the dramatic effects of their faith through the movement’s website, consist of ordinary Christians, as well as more well known individuals, professional athletes and celebrities. Below includes a list of famous Seconds who are involved in the I Am Second movement and have dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ, which were transformed through the power of their Christian faith:


In order to strengthen connection to others involved in the movement and in their Christian faith, I Am Second groups have been established by the organization.[5] These groups are centered on discussions wherein people share and discuss daily struggles and issues of life in a Christian context. One of the main goals of these groups are to introduce the idea of people restructuring their life in a way in which they put God first and themselves second. Furthermore, I Am Second groups function in order to help members explore and discover their own personal purpose in life, as well as unite people who are on similar spiritual journeys.


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