I Am Shelby Lynne

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I Am Shelby Lynne
I Am Shelby Lynne.jpg
Studio album by Shelby Lynne
Released April 10, 1999 (UK)
January 25, 2000 (US)
Recorded 1999
Genre Rock, pop rock, blues
Length 36:04
Label Mercury Records (UK);
Island Records (US)
Producer Bill Bottrell
Shelby Lynne chronology
I Am Shelby Lynne
Love, Shelby

I Am Shelby Lynne is the sixth studio album by Shelby Lynne, released on April 10, 1999 in the United Kingdom, and on January 25, 2000 in the United States. After several years of lackluster results from recording various styles of country music in and around Nashville, Lynne co-wrote and recorded this album in Palm Springs, California, incorporating confessional lyrics with musical elements from blues and rock and roll. Lynne collaborated on this album with producer Bill Bottrell, who had previously worked with Sheryl Crow on her debut album, Tuesday Night Music Club.

The album is considered to be her breakout work, and the catalyst toward Lynne receiving her first career Grammy award as Best New Artist of 2000. The award came more than a decade after Lynne's debut album, 1989's Sunrise.


Writing for Allmusic, Stephen Thomas Erlewine gave the album a star rating of four out of five. He described the album as a sign of Lynne's reinvention of herself as a "tough and sexy singer", comparing her to Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow. He praised Bill Bottrell's production of the album and said that Lynne "finally sounds comfortable in her writing and voice", and that with this album, she has "finally [found] her groove".[1]

Rolling Stone's Parke Puterbaugh gave the album three and a half stars out of a possible five. He said that the album had more jazz and soul about it than country, but that it had "a genuine evocation of country". He said that the tracks "[seduce] you ... rather than bowling you over". He praised Lynne's harmonies, calling them "nothing less than righteous."[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Your Lies" (Bill Bottrell, Shelby Lynne) — 2:54
  2. "Leavin'" (Lynne) — 3:11
  3. "Life Is Bad" (Bottrell, Roger Fritz, Lynne) — 3:18
  4. "Thought It Would Be Easier" (Bottrell, Lynne) — 3:55
  5. "Gotta Get Back" (Bottrell, Lynne, Dorothy Overstreet) — 3:37
  6. "Why Can't You Be?" (Bottrell, Lynne) — 4:19
  7. "Lookin' Up" (Bottrell, Lynne) — 3:28
  8. "Dream Some" (Jay Joyce, Lynne, Overstreet) — 4:12
  9. "Where I'm From" (Bottrell, Lynne) — 3:49
  10. "Black Light Blue" (Bottrell, Lynne) — 3:23



  • "Your Lies" - 1999
  • 1. "Your Lies"
  • 2. "Shoulda' Been Betta'"
  • 3. "Miss You Sissy"
  • 4. "Why Cant You Be"
  • "Leavin'" - Release Date: May 9, 2000
  • 1. "Leavin'"
  • 2. "Life Is Bad" (Live)
  • 3. "Black Light Blue" (Live)
  • "Gotta Get Back" - 2000
  • 1. album version (3:36)
  • 2. remix (3:37)
  • 3. call out research hook (:10)


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