I Am a Dad

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I Am a Dad
I Am Dad 2011.jpg
Theatrical poster
Directed by Jeon Man-bae
Lee Se-yeong
Produced by Kang Mun-seok
Park Kang-mi
Park Mi-jeong
Written by Yoon Hyeon-ho
Starring Kim Seung-woo
Son Byong-ho
Kim Sae-ron
Music by Hwang Sang-jun
Cinematography Lee Chang-jae
Edited by Park Gok-ji
Distributed by Lotte Entertainment
Release date
  • 14 April 2011 (2011-04-14)
Running time
99 minutes
Country South Korea
Language Korean

I Am a Dad (Hangul나는 아빠다; RRNaneun Abbada), also known as I Am Father, is a 2011 South Korean crime film co-directed by Jeon Man-bae and Lee Se-yeong, and written by Yoon Hyeon-ho. It stars Kim Seung-woo as a corrupt cop who frames innocent people. But when his daughter (Kim Sae-ron) gets injured because of his work and needs a heart transplant, he discovers that the heart would come from the wife of a magician (Son Byong-ho) he framed for murder.[1][2]


Han Jong-sik (Kim Seung-woo) is a corrupt detective who frames innocent people to further his career. One of his victims takes his revenge on Jong-sik by killing his wife and injuring his daughter, Min-ji (Kim Sae-ron), who is now in need of a heart transplant. To help his sick daughter, he starts working for a mob boss who deals in organ trafficking. Na Sang-man (Son Byong-ho), a magician and one of the people he falsely accused of murder, discovers that his daughter is dead and his wife is in a coma because of a suicide attempt. Now, the only thing on his mind is vengeance. He is released after two years behind bars when the officials find out by accident that he is innocent. He tracks down Detective Kim (Im Ha-ryong), Jong-sik's colleague, to re-open the murder case. Meanwhile, Soo-kyung (Choi Jung-yoon), the organ transplant coordinator, locates a heart for Min-ji, but Jong-sik finds out that the heart is from Sang-man's wife. Realizing that Sang-man would not allow the transplant, he finds a way to get rid of him. Sang-man discovers his plans and kidnaps his daughter.[3][4]



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