I Cannot Say "Farewell"

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I Cannot Say "Farewell"
I Cannot Say "Farewell".jpg
Directed byBoris Durov
Written byLidia Nemyonova
StarringSergei Varchuk
Anastasia Ivanova
Tatiana Parkina
Music byEvgeniy Gevorgyan
CinematographyAleksander Rybin
Release date
  • 1982 (1982)
Running time
91 minutes
CountrySoviet Union

I Cannot Say "Farewell" (Russian: Не могу сказать «прощай», romanizedNe mogu skazat «proschai») is a 1982 romantic drama directed by Boris Durov.[1][2] The film was very popular in the Soviet Union, seen by 32 million viewers in the first two months of its release and 34.6 million in total, reaching the 4th place at the 1982 Soviet box office.[3][4][5]


Plain and homely Lida Tenyakova meets handsome womanizer Sergei Vatagin at a dance party and falls in love with him. But Sergei does not have any real feelings for her and ends up marrying another woman, Marta. With her he goes to his native village, where he settles down to work in the timber industry. A misfortune happens with Sergei in the logging area: a tree falls on him and he is confined to bed because of a severe spinal injury. Marta is unable to cope with this and leaves Sergei. And Lida, having abandoned everything in the city, comes to him, despite the fact that GAI employee Vasily is courting her with serious intentions. Lida does everything to return a normal way of life for Sergei. The film ends with Lida telling Sergei that she is expecting his baby — after this news Sergei stands up on his own two feet and hugs his beloved.


  • Sergei Varchuk - Sergei Vatagin
  • Anastasia Ivanova - Lida Tenyakova
  • Tatiana Parkina - Marta
  • Sofya Pavlova - Evdokia Semyonovna, Sergei's mother
  • Alexander Korshunov - Vasily, a traffic police officer
  • Sergei Minaev - singer on the dance floor
  • Alexander Savchenko - Misha, Sergei's friend, director of forestry
  • Klavdia Kozlenkova - wedding guest
  • Vladimir Antonik - Kostya, Sergei's friend


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