I Cinque Elementi Wind Quintet

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I Cinque Elementi Wind Quintet
Origin Italy Padova, Italy
Genres Classical, Chamber music
Years active 2007 – present
Website www.i5elementi.info
Members Flute: Sophie Babetto
Oboe: Claudio Fanton
Clarinet: Daniele Trincanato
Horn: Dario Cavinato
Bassoon: Loris Zanetti

I Cinque Elementi (from the Italian for the five elements) is a musical ensemble from Padua.

The members of this ensemble (flute: Sophie Babetto,[1] oboe: Claudio Fanton,[2] clarinet: Daniele Trincanato,[3] horn: Dario Cavinato, basson: Loris Zanetti) play chamber music and new music.[4][5][citation needed]

I Cinque Elementi gave its first performance during the International Summer Festival in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) where it obtained the warm approval of public and critics.[citation needed]

The musicians of the group have attended the masterclasses of famous teachers and concert artists and have won the first prize of important musical contests as soloists or as members of chamber ensembles.[citation needed] They play with famous orchestras like Venice's “Orchestra del Teatro la Fenice” and Ferrara's “Orchestra del Teatro Comunale”.[citation needed]

Their repertory consists not only of original music for wind quintet, but also of arrangements of symphonies and overtures of composers of the classical age and of the 1900s,[citation needed] some of them have been arranged by Claudio Fanton.[6][not in citation given]

Bärenreiter, the German classical music publishing house based in Kassel, published the I Cinque Elementi Wind Quintet recordings as music sheet examples in its online store.[citation needed]






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