I Eat Your Skin

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I Eat Your Skin
I Drink Your Blood I Eat Your Skin.jpg
Poster advertising a double feature of I Drink Your Blood and I Eat Your Skin.
Directed by Del Tenney
Produced by Del Tenney
Written by Del Tenney
Music by Lon E. Norman
Cinematography Ed Gibson
Edited by Larry Keating
Del Tenney Productions
Distributed by Cinemation Industries
Release dates
  • 1964 (1964)
Running time
82 minutes
Country United States
Language English

I Eat Your Skin (Original title: Zombies) is a 1964 horror film directed by Del Tenney shot in Florida under the title Caribbean Adventure so no one would know it was a zombie film.[1]


Writer Tom Harris arrives on a beautiful island in search of material on voodoo legends for his novel. He unfortunately stumbles onto the secret laboratory of a mad scientist who is experimenting on reversing the aging process.



The film was not released until six years after it was made. Film distributor Jerry Gross bought it and paired it on a double bill with I Drink Your Blood and renamed it I Eat Your Skin, although the two have nothing in common. Previous titles of the film include Zombie Bloodbath and Voodoo Blood Bath.[2]


In a review of a box set, David Cornelius of DVD Talk wrote, "The film was produced in 1964 but went undistributed for six long years, and one look explains why: it's an utterly square attempt at early-60s hipness".[3] Paul Pritchard of DVD Verdict wrote, "This is just the type of cheap crap that sullies the good name of exploitation cinema."[4] In The Zombie Moving Encyclopedia, academic Peter Dendle wrote, "Nevermind the title—this is as mild as horror gets, and nobody eats any skin."[2]

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