The Bubble (2001 film)

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I Phouska
Directed by Nikos Perakis
Written by

Nikos Perakis

Katerina Bei
Starring Maria Solomou, Alexis Georgoulis
Music by Dimitris Papadimitriou
Cinematography Giorgos Arguroiliopoulos
Release date
Running time
104 minutes
Country Greece
Language Greek

The Bubble (Greek: Η Φούσκα / I Phouska) is a 2001 Greek film. The film is directed by Nikos Perakis and stars Maria Solomou and Alexis Georgoulis. The film took part in the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

Plot summary[edit]

Makis Alexis Georgoulis, a man with difficulties in the stock market, falls for Roula (Maria Solomou), who is the mistress of a big tycoon Manolas (Ilias Logothetis), which Makis has invested in. Makis becomes witness to an assassination gone wrong. The police are after him thinking he is the shooter but the real assassin is after Makis to recruit him to his terrorist beliefs. The only comfort Makis can find is Roula who follows him on his deadly adventure.



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