I Got a Rocket

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I Got A Rocket
I Got a Rocket title card.png
Title card
Genre Kids
Based on I Got a Rocket
by Matt Zurbo
Music by
  • Lars Löhn
  • Carsten Schmelzer
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 52
Executive producer(s)
  • Suzanne Ryan
  • Bill Schultz
  • Mike Young
  • Liz Young
  • Sebastian Debertin
  • Marc Gabizon
  • Suzanne Ryan
  • Cary Silver
  • Bill Townsend
  • Josh Fisher
Running time 11 minutes
Production company(s)
Distributor Kabillion
Original network Network Ten
Picture format PAL Widescreen
Audio format Stereo
Original release 2006 – 2007
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I Got a Rocket is an Australian animated series centered on a boy named Vincent "Vinnie", who received a rocket for his 13th birthday. The rocket was also given a personality, acts as a best friend to Vinnie and is fond of assisting him. Although the series was short-lived (2006–2007), it received a 2008 Emmy Award for "New Approaches - Daytime Children's Entertainment".[1]

I Got a Rocket was originally a book by Matt Zurbo, but was converted into an animated series. It features the voices of Thomas Bromhead as Rocket, Jamie Oxenbould as Vincent "Vinnie", Marcello Fabrizi as Vinnie's father, V. P. Stern, etc., Drew Forsythe as Ma Ducky (the mother of a trio of bullies known as The Duckies), Biffo and Scuds Ducky, Trilby Glover as Gabby and Maya and Rachel King as Crystal and Frankie Ducky (the youngest and only female of The Duckies).


Title character[edit]

  • Rocket, a hyperactive and eccentric rocket invented for his best friend Vinnie's 13th birthday. Rocket is orange and blue (as in the book by Matt Zurbo), and fiercely relies on assistance, always prepared to assist Vinnie in a situation, although sometimes over-confident in episodes such as "Mackerel Mates". He always says "You Got it, V-Man!" whenever a situation involving Vinnie has occurred.

Q Family[edit]

  • Vincent Q, or simply Vinnie, is a 13-year-old boy who receives Rocket in his 13th birthday. Vinnie converted into a hip, popular boy after the invention of Rocket. Despite his popularity at school, it is a recurring gag in the series that a trio of siblings named The Duckies give him a wedgie, and Vinnie is rather timid when face-to-face with the love of his life, Maya Kovsky.
  • Professor Quigley Q, Vinnie's father and a genius. It is a recurring gag in the series that he uses scientific words in transitional phrases, including the word "degrees" in the phrase, "I'm proud of you, son!"
  • Crystal Q

The Duckys[edit]

  • Ma Ducky, the ambitious mother of the bullying triplets known as The Duckys. She is the lunch lady and librarian of Vinnie's school, despises Vinnie and his rocket and ignores her children's bad behavior. It is presumed that The Duckys are based on The Herdmans from the story The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.
  • Biffo Ducky, the largest, and most muscular of the Duckys.
  • Scuds Ducky, the least intelligent of the Duckys.
  • Frankie Ducky, the leader and sole female of the Duckys.

Other characters[edit]

  • VP Stern is the teacher and vice principal of the Inner City School, the school Vinnie, Gabby and Rainbow all study at.
  • Gabby
  • Rainbow
  • Maya Kovsky is Vinnie's love of his life, and also the waiter at Joe's Milk Bar, Vinnie's favourite restaurant.
  • Captain O'Cheese (referred to as "Pirate" in the credits) drives a pirate ship on the streets.


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