I Got the Blues

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"I Got the Blues"
Song by The Rolling Stones from the album Sticky Fingers
Released April 23, 1971
Recorded March–May 1970
Genre Blues rock
Length 3:53
Label Rolling Stones/Virgin
Writer(s) Jagger/Richards
Producer(s) Jimmy Miller
Sticky Fingers track listing

"I Got the Blues" is a song from the Rolling Stones' 1971 album Sticky Fingers.

Written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, "I Got the Blues" is a slow-paced, bluesy song in 6/8 time. It features languid guitars with heavy influence of both blues and soul feel.

In his review, Richie Unterberger compares the Stones' take on their early influences, saying, "Musically, it's very much in the school of slow Stax ballads, by [Otis] Redding and some others, with slow reverbed guitars with a gospel feel, dignified brass, and a slow buildup of tension."[1] A notable reference point is the Otis Redding-ballad "I've Been Loving You Too Long", a song that the Stones themselves had recorded in 1965 and very similar in style and buildup.

Recorded during the months of March through May 1970, the song features Jagger on lead vocals, Richards and Mick Taylor on guitars, Bill Wyman on bass, Charlie Watts on drums, and Billy Preston on Hammond organ. Stones' recording veterans Bobby Keys and Jim Price performed on the saxophone and trumpet, respectively.



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