I Heard Her Call My Name

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"I Heard Her Call My Name"
Song by The Velvet Underground
from the album White Light/White Heat
Released January 30, 1968
Recorded September 1967, Scepter Studios,[1] Manhattan
Length 4:38
Label Verve Records
Songwriter(s) Lou Reed
Producer(s) Tom Wilson
White Light/White Heat track listing
  1. "White Light/White Heat"
  2. "The Gift"
  3. "Lady Godiva's Operation"
  4. "Here She Comes Now"
  5. "I Heard Her Call My Name"
  6. "Sister Ray"

"I Heard Her Call My Name" is a song by American rock band The Velvet Underground. It is the fifth track from the band's second album, White Light/White Heat. It is a particularly loud, brash and aggressive song that features a pair of atonal guitar solos performed by Lou Reed and repeated use of piercing feedback.[2]

In an interview, guitarist Sterling Morrison said, "I quit the group for a couple of days because I thought they chose the wrong mix for 'I Heard Her Call My Name', one of our best songs that was completely ruined in the studio."[3]

The song features on the David Toop-compiled ambient compilation album Ocean of Sound (1996). Toop programmed the song so that its muted feedback would segue into an underwater recording of bearded seals barking.[4]



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