I Killed My Best Friend

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I Killed My Best Friend
Studio album by Le Volume Courbe
Released September 26, 2005
Genre Art rock
Label Honest Jon's
Producer Charlotte Marionneau

I Killed My Best Friend is the 2005 debut album from Le Volume Courbe. It was produced by Charlotte Marionneau and features contributions from Hope Sandoval, Kevin Shields, David Roback, and Colm Ó Cíosóig.

AllMusic gave the album 3.5 out of five stars.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Harmony"
  2. "Papillon de Nuit"
  3. "Who Are You?"
  4. "I Killed My Best Friend"
  5. "I Shall Skip Your Judgement"
  6. "Thank You"
  7. "Ain't Got No... I Got Life"
  8. "Sitting in Your Head"
  9. "Through This Time"
  10. "Hanging Around"
  11. "The Mind Is a Horse"
  12. "This & That"
  13. "Locarno"