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i Light Marina Bay
ILightMarinaBay logo circle.jpg
Official logo
Genre Light art festival
Location(s) Marina Bay
Country  Singapore
Inaugurated 2010
Organised by Urban Redevelopment Authority
Website http://www.ilightmarinabay.sg
I Light Marina Bay
Traditional Chinese 照亮滨海灣
Simplified Chinese 照亮滨海湾

i Light Marina Bay (Chinese: 照亮滨海湾) is Asia’s leading sustainable light art festival, held in the Marina Bay district of Singapore.[1] The festival is organised and presented by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA).[2]

i Light Marina Bay was first held in 2010 and the festival was officiated by Singapore's Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean on 15 October 2010.[3] Following its success, a second edition was held in 2012 and a third edition was held in 2014.[4][5] The 2016 festival, themed "In Praise of Shadows" (named after an essay by Junichiro Tanizaki), takes place from 4 to 27 March. The event now takes place annually.[6]

The ‘i’ in the name alludes to the festival’s innovative content, the intelligent use of lighting as well as its international line-up of creative talent.[7] It is also an invitation to everyone to get involved in this free outdoor celebration of creativity in a new community space.

i Light Marina Bay 2016: In Praise of Shadows[edit]

The fourth edition of i Light Marina Bay, held from 4 to 27 March 2016, featured 25 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations by creative talents from around the world, including Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Norway, United Kingdom and the USA. Beyond its spectacular showcase of visual art and urban space, the festival also offers a dynamic line-up of events and programmes over four weekends.

Theme & Curatorial Team[edit]

The 2016 theme, “In Praise of Shadows”, challenges the obsession that brighter is better and seeks to reframe perceptions of light and sustainability. The festival invites artists and visitors to re-imagine and reconsider sustainability issues in a new light, and to contemplate upon larger issues of light, beauty and the city in relation to the bigger community.

The curatorial direction was driven by Randy Chan, Principal Architect at Zarch Collaboratives, Singapore and Khairuddin Hori, Deputy Director of Artistic Programming at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris.


  • 1. CYCLE HOUSE Hafiz Osman (Singapore)
  • 2. LIGHT WALK Jen Lewin (USA)
  • 3. CLOCKWORK STORIES NYP School of Design (Singapore)
  • 4. GROOVE LIGHT NUS Department of Architecture (Singapore)
  • 5. THE UNVEILED BEAUTY NYP School of Interactive & Digital Media (Singapore)
  • 6. EMOGRAPH “I DID IT” Society (Latvia)
  • 7. BOLT Jun Ong (Malaysia)
  • 8. TORRENT Brandon Tay (Singapore)
  • 9. MARINE CONSTELLATIONS Laughing Stars (Japan) & Lumen Artistry (Singapore)
  • 10. SHADOW BATH Loop.pH (United Kingdom)
  • 11. LAMPSHADE Snøhetta (Norway)
  • 12. ANGELS OF FREEDOM OGE Group, Gaston Zahr & Merav Eitan (Germany & Israel)
  • 13. MOON HAZE Feng Jiacheng & Huang Yuanbei (China)
  • 14. C’SCAPE Illuminate LD (Singapore)
  • 15. LIGHT ORIGAMI KAZ Shirane (Japan)
  • 16. LIGHTSCAPE PAVILION MisoSoupDesign (Taiwan)
  • 17. TERRA.GLIMMER SP School of Architecture and the Built Environment (Singapore)
  • 18. DANDELION Supermachine Studio (Thailand)
  • 19. FISSURE Ong Kian Peng (Singapore)
  • 20. THE CLOUD Kenny Hong (Singapore)
  • 21. UNSEEN: TOUCH FIELD Alecia Neo (Singapore)
  • 22. ODE TO THE WIND NTU School of Art, Design and Media (Singapore)
  • 23. SONICTOWER Zulkifle Mahmod (Singapore)
  • 24. GROUND CONTROL TO MAJOR TOM Rohan Abdullah & Stanley Yeo (Singapore)


A packed line-up of events takes place throughout the festival period - F&B offerings from PasarBella Goes to Town, Harry's and Häagen-Dazs pop-up stores and food trucks; live music from Sing Jazz as well as local up and coming artistes; bazaars by TGIF Bazaars and Megafash; arts related seminars, yoga and lifestyle events, family and community activities, and more.


A one-for-one exchange campaign of used incandescent bulbs for energy efficient LED light bulbs was run at i Light Marina Bay 2016. In addition, in collaboration with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) – the installations at i Light Marina Bay will be turned off from 8:30pm to 9:30pm on 19 March 2016 as a pledge of commitment to Earth Hour.

The "Switch Off, Turn Up" Campaign held since the inception of i Light Marina Bay garnered a greater response from buildings around Marina Bay and beyond, with key developments involved including Marina Bay Sands and Marina Bay Financial Centres.

i Light Marina Bay 2014: Light+HeART[edit]

The third edition of i Light Marina Bay, themed Light+HeART, returned to Marina Bay from 7 March to 30 March 2014.

In line with the theme, the festival showcased 28 innovative and environmentally sustainable light installations from around the world, transforming the Marina Bay waterfront into a magical space of light and color for the public to celebrate both public spaces and creativity. To promote an environmentally-responsible behavior for a sustainable future, participating artists have incorporated the use of recyclable materials and adopted energy-efficient lighting in the creation of their stunning light art installations.


The theme Light+HeART seeks to convey the message that “in the heart of the sustainability matters, is the matter of the heart”. Through this edition, the festival hopes to create unique, happy and heart-felt installations to delight the audience while driving home the sustainability message. This edition also saw a greater number of collaborations with the community and schools to form some of the art installations such as The Wishing! Tree and #WEHEARTLIGHT.

i Light Marina Bay 2014 attracted a total of 685,000 local and international visitors over the course of the three-week period.

Curatorial Team[edit]

The festival was curated by ONG&ONG’s:

  • Ms Ong Swee Hong
  • Mr Andrew Lee
  • Mr Tai Lee Siang


While art and sustainability take centre stage, i Light Marina Bay 2014 also featured a full array of complementary events and activities, such as free guided tours, educational talks and seminars, sporting activities, bazaars and culinary treats, to create a dazzling, diverse and more enriching experience for all.

Participating Artists[edit]

Name of Installation Name of Artist(s) Country
Beat Arup (Singapore) Singapore
The Wishing! Tree The Living! Project Singapore
iSWARM SUTD – Thomas Schroepfer & Suranga Nanayakkara Singapore
Happy Croco Bibi France
Bedazzled Meinhardt Light Studio Pte. Ltd. Singapore
Lightscape Catcher Arup (Shanghai) China
Mimosa Jason Bruges Studio United Kingdom
#WEHEARTLIGHT Light Collective United Kingdom
Joujou-Ours Uno Lai Taiwan
Floating Hearts Travesias De Luz Spain
**Insert Caption Please Ryf Zaini Singapore
The Guardian Angels Maro Avrabou & Dimitri Xenakis Greece & France
Fool’s Gold Vertical Submarine Singapore
The Pool Jen Lewin Studio USA
Light Rain Troika United Kingdom
LiveLight Oz Collective Singapore & France
3D Tic-Tac-Toe Angela Chong & Sonny Windstrup Singapore / Denmark
Scribbledribblequibble Soh Ee Shaun, Chong Li-Chuan, Kenneth Cheong & Kashmira Kasmuri Singapore
The Wheels of Industry Twist Design United Kingdom
Giant Dandelions Olivia d’Aboville Philippines / France
HeartBeat City Lights Egied Simons Netherlands
Skeletal Retreat No.1 Michael Lee Singapore
CLOUD Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett Canada
1.26 Singapore Janet Echelman USA
Digital Wattle Out of the Dark New Zealand
Flash Nathan Yong with OTTO Solutions Pte. Ltd. Singapore
A Land of Reverie Sheryl Ng & Nigel Ho Singapore
Celebration of Life Justin Lee with Dorier Asia Pte. Ltd. Singapore & Switzerland


A key objective of i Light Marina Bay was to advocate environmentally-responsible behaviour for a sustainable future, and to promote Marina Bay as a culturally vibrant and sustainable urban waterfront precinct. From encouraging artists to use recyclable materials as well as adopt energy-efficient lighting technology in the creation of their light art installations, to working with event and programme partners to more effectively manage resources and minimise waste, sustainability was promoted through all aspects of the festival.

Switch off, Turn up Campaign [edit]

i Light Marina Bay once again conducted the “Switch Off, Turn Up” Campaign, where stakeholders around Marina Bay were invited to switch off non-essential lighting and turn up air conditioning temperatures whenever possible during the festival period. The energy saving campaign was designed to offset the energy used by the light art installations and associated power use in Asia’s only sustainable light art festival which ran from 7 to 30 March.

52 buildings committed in this third edition to put in place measures to save energy during the festival period. Key developments involved include Marina Bay Sands, Marina Bay Financial Centre, and One Fullerton. Their participation signified their commitment to play a part in working towards a more sustainable future together. The campaign in 2014 achieved energy savings of 268,890 kWh.

2012 i Light Marina Bay: Light Meets Asia[edit]

The second edition of the light festival, Light Meets Asia, returned in 2012 and ran from 9 March 2012 to 1 April 2012.

In line with the theme, the festival showcased 31 innovative and environmentally sustainable light installations by multidisciplinary artists, with strong focus on works from Asian artists.[8] 11 of the works were by Singaporeans and 12 were from regional artists.

This year’s festival attracted a total of 565,000 local and international visitors over the three-week period.[9]


The theme for i Light Marina Bay 2012 was Lights Meet Asia. The list of installations featured a strong representation from new, emerging and well-known light art artists from countries across Asia including China, Philippines, Japan and Singapore.[10]

Curatorial Team[edit]

The festival is curated by:

  • Mary-Anne Kyriakou (Australian): Festival Director
  • Charmaine Toh (Singaporean): Co-curator
  • FARM (Singaporean): Co-curator[11]


A series of fringe activities was arranged throughout the duration of the festival. These included free guided tours, performances, workshops and competitions.[12]

Fringe activities comprised activities such as a weekly weekend Night carnival, with booths selling food and drinks as well as eco-friendly merchandise.[13] The highlight of the Night Carnival was a light painting activity – which involved moving hand-held lights through the air to spell words or sketch symbols that was then captured by using long exposure on a camera.[14]

There were also roving performances of Samba, Rata and Reggae beats by Junk Jam, LED light twirlers, towering LED stilt walkers as well as synchronised kite flying.[15] A photography competition and Low Light Photography Workshop was also held.[14][16] The festival also included an i Light Symposium where curators, artists and lighting designers had the opportunity to exchange ideas on light culture and architecture.[17]

Participating Artists[18][edit]

No Artist Work Gender Born Country of Birth Based in
1 Aleksandra Stratimirovic Sweet Home (2011) F 1968 Yugoslavia Sweden
2 Andrew Daly
Katherine Fife
Crystallised (2011) F 1986 Australia Australia
3 Angela Chong Tree Stories (2012) F 1977 Singapore Singapore
4 Be Takerng Pattanopas Gap the Mind (2012) M 1965 Thailand Bangkok
5 BIBI Bibigloo (2012) M 1964 France France
6 Cornelia Erdmann Fancy/Lightweight (2012) F 1976 Germany Hong Kong
7 Craig Walsh Classification Pending (2007) M 1966 Australia Australia
8 Dev Harlan Parmenides I (2011) M 1978 USA USA
9 Edwin Tan enLIGHTenment (2012) M 1981 Singapore Singapore
10 Groupe LAPS
Thomas Veyssiere (Director)
Key Frames (2011) M 1971 France France
11 Hexogon Solution
Adrian Goh (Team Leader)
Garden of Light (2012) M 1976 Singapore Singapore
12 Li Hui The Gate (2007) M 1977 China China
13 Light Collective
Martin Lupton
Sharon Stammers
Urban Makyoh (2012) M 1969 UK UK
14 Marine Ky Receptacle (2012) F 1966 Cambodia France
15 Martin Bevz
Kathryn Clifton
Immersion (2011) M
Australia Australia
Nuno Maya
Carolle Pumelle
Light of the Merlion (2012) M
Democratic Republic of Congo
17 Olivia d’Aboville Coral Garden (2012) F 1986 Philippines Philippines
18 Olivia Lee FLOW (2012) F 1985 Singapore Singapore
19 Ryf Zaini 5QU1D (2012) M 1980 Singapore Singapore
20 Shinya Okuda BioShell (2011) M
Japan Singapore
21 StoryBox After Light (2012) M 1975 New Zealand New Zealand
22 Singapore Student Showcase 1:
LASALLE College of the Arts
- Singapore
23 Singapore Student Showcase 2:
School of the Arts Singapore
- Singapore
24 Takahiro Matsuo Wite Rain (2011) M 1979 Japan Japan
25 Tay Swee Siong Illumination Disorders II (2012) M 1968 Singapore Singapore
26 Teddy Lo MEGAPOV (2012) M 1974 Hong Kong Hong Kong
27 The Propeller Group
Phu Nam
Matt Lucero
Tuan Andrew Nguyen
Uh… (2007) M
28 Uno Lai The Light Dam (2012) M 1975 Taiwan Taiwan
29 Vertical Submarine
Loke Kian Whee, Justin
Yang Kwang Yong, Joshua
Koh Wen Chii, Fiona
Planting Shadows (2009) M
30 Wiyoga Muhardanto Tangible Gallery (2012) M 1979 Indonesia Indonesia
31 Zulkifle Mahmod Deck Journey (2012) M 1975 Singapore Singapore


A key objective of i Light Marina Bay was to advocate environmentally-responsible behaviour for a sustainable future, and to promote Marina Bay as a culturally vibrant and sustainable urban waterfront precinct. From encouraging artists to use recyclable materials as well as adopt energy-efficient lighting technology in the creation of their light art installations, to working with event and programme partners to more effectively manage resources and minimise waste, sustainability was promoted through all aspects of the festival.

Switch Off, Turn Up Campaign[edit]

In 2012, the initiative successfully extended its reach well beyond the Marina Bay precinct, with buildings across the island pledging their support.[19] The campaign saved more than 200,000 kWh, four times the energy saved in 2010.[20] This equates to 100 tonnes of CO2 equivalent, enough to generate electricity for 762 4-bedroom HDB flats for three-weeks.[20][21]

47 properties that participated 2012’s Switch Off, Turn Up campaign, up from 16 properties in 2010:[19]

2010 i Light Marina Bay: People, Place and Time[edit]

The inaugural edition of the festival was first held from 15 October to 7 November in 2010[22] and was originally part of Marina Bay Invitations 2010, a series of events planned to promote Marina Bay as a vibrant venue and a destination for a brand new live-work-play experience.

It showcased about 25 dynamic light art installations and sculptures as well as interactive and performance-based art displays by 14 artists from Singapore and 20 international artists. The artworks were arranged in a line around the Marina Bay waterfront promenade to form a Light Walk.[22]

The key highlight of the Light Walk was an installation that consisted of 29 large and beautiful light artworks of My Public Garden by French light art group, TILT, depicting a whimsical, fantasy garden which adorned The Promontory@Marina Bay.

The inaugural festival was a success and was attended by more than 433,000 visitors over the three-week duration, of which approximately 71,031 were international visitors.[23]


Curated along the theme People, Place and Time, it served as the regional platform for the exchange of ideas and technology, artistic expression and public engagement through light art works with intelligent light usage and sustainable use of energy.[24][25][26][27][28][29][30]

Curatorial Team[edit]

The festival is curated by:

  • Mary-Anne Kyriakou (Australian): Festival Director
  • Randy Chan (Singaporean): Co-curator
  • Kelley Cheng (Singaporean): Co-curator


Fringe activities are the i Light Marina Bay Walking Tours, Smart Light Symposium: Light Art – the making of a movement, Guerilla Light Student Workshop, a photography competition and Passion Fun Around the Bay.

Participating Artists[edit]

  • Human Tiles by OCUBO – Nuno Maya (Portugal) & Carole Purnelle (Belgium)
  • Singapora-Flora by Warren Langley (Australia)
  • Fire Flies by Francesco Mariotti (Switzerland)
  • Hammerhaus by Kurt Laurenz Theinert & Hanfreich (Germany)
  • Flight to Light by Mary-Anne Kyriakou (Australia). This artwork has been made available for preview from 12 August 2010 onwards at the Fullerton Heritage gallery[31]
  • My Public Garden by TILT (France)[32]
  • I C U Standt:punkt by Ingo K Bracke (Germany)
  • Touch. Do Not Please The Work Of Art by Michael Lee (Singapore) & Cornelia Erdmann (Hong Kong)
  • C/Ɔ by Angela Chong (Singapore)
  • WattFish? by Dan Foreman, Cherry Wang & Zi Chang Lee (Meinhardt Light Studio Team, Singapore)
  • Jellight by Pascal Petitjean & Aamer Taher (Singapore)[32]
  • the light within by Vellachi Ganesan (Singapore)
  • Additive Reflection 1, 2, 3 by Jeppe Aagaard Andersen (Denmark)
  • Wall Piercing by Ron Gilad, presented by Flos (Singapore)
  • The Whirlpool by Martin Klaasen, Shane Richardson and Pascal Petitjean (Singapore & Australia)
  • A Living! Project by Sun Yu Li, Allan Lim, Kenny Eng (Singapore)
  • Flora Magica by Studio KYbra (Australia & Germany)
  • The River Merchants, sculpture by Aw Tee Hong (Singapore) and lightwork by Studio KYbra (Australia & Germany)
  • Animal Tree by Pitupong Chaowakul (Thailand)
  • Digital Origami Tigers by Chris Bosse (Germany)
  • Rainbow by Mark Hammer & Andre Keckes (Australia)
  • A Blue Mirage in the City of Light by WY-TO Architects (Singapore)
  • Lumenocity Singapore by Sasha Crocker & Andrew Daly (Australia)
  • Positive Attracts by Edwin Cheong (Singapore)
  • Doves that Cry by Mary-Anne Kyriakou & Joe Snell (Australia)
  • All of us by Zymryte Hoxhaj (Germany)


Artists that participated in i Light Marina Bay 2012’s light show were selected for the use of energy-efficient LED lights and/or the incorporation of sustainable, recycle and/or re-usable materials into their light artworks. Some of these artworks leveraged on alternative sources of energy such as solar, kinetic or wind in order to generate energy for the light installations.[33][34]

Professional sustainability consultants were also engaged to work with the event partners, artists, contractors and suppliers to ensure that suitable sustainable practices are incorporated to reduce energy use.[35] Through the use of energy-efficient lighting and alternative sustainable energy sources, the total energy usage for all the installations in the 2012 i Light Marina Bay festival was less than 7,000 kWh.[36]

The festival also participated in Earth Hour on 31 March 2012 and all 31 featured artworks were switched off for an hour.[37]

Switch Off, Turn Up Campaign[edit]

The Switch Off, Turn Up campaign – an energy efficiency initiative – was first held in 2010 in line with the i Light Marina Bay 2010 festival.[20] This campaign called for participating properties to make a conscious effort to switch off all non-essential indoor/outdoor lighting and office equipment and turn up air-conditioning temperatures to 24 to 25 °C.[20]


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