I Look I See

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I Look I See
Studio album by Yusuf Islam
Released January, 2003
Recorded 2002
Genre Nasheed
Label Jamal Records
Producer Yusuf Islam
Yusuf Islam chronology
In Praise of the Last Prophet
(2002)In Praise of the Last Prophet2002
I Look I See
Night of Remembrance
(2003)Night of Remembrance2003

I Look I See is an album released by Yusuf Islam in 2003 which was aimed at children. It contained nine songs, and each song was followed by a brief spoken word piece which told of the deeds of the Prophets of Islam, the Five Pillars of Islam and other Islamic practices.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I Look I See"
  2. "Al Khaaliq"
  3. "Allahu Allahu"
  4. "Bismillah (I Am Muslim)"
  5. "Months In Islam (Extended)"
  6. "Sing Children Of The World"
  7. "Our Guide Is The Qur`an"
  8. "Your Mother"
  9. "Ta'la Al Badru 'Alayna"