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I ♥… is a British television and compilation album brand by the BBC, which looks back at a specific year in each episode. The programs consist of celebrities and public figures discussing, reminiscing and commenting on the pop culture of the time i.e. films, fads, fashion, television, music etc. that relate to the program's overall topic.


BBC Made 3 series:

  • I ♥…the 1970s premiered on 22 July 2000 in the UK, with the final part I ♥ 1979 premiering on 23 September 2000.
  • I ♥…the 1980s premiered on 13 January 2001 in the UK, with the final part I ♥ 1989 premiering on 24 March 2001.
  • I ♥…the 1990s premiered on 18 August 2001 in the UK, with the final part I ♥ 1999 premiering on 3 November 2001.

VH1 series[edit]

VH1 produced a USA version of the series of this show for American television, beginning in 2002 with I Love the '80s. The programs consist of celebrities discussing American pop culture that relate to the program's overall topic. The series continued with programs focusing on decades, such as I Love the '70s, as well as doing sequels to previously done decades, such as I Love the '80s Strikes Back. 2008 featured the premiere of I Love the New Millennium, the first series to be completed before the end of the decade presented. The series has so far released two programs that were not focused on decades, with I Love Toys and I Love the Holidays. The use of the word "love" instead of the heart symbol was presumably to avoid a trademark dispute with the state of New York, owners of the I♥ trademark in the United States.

On February 20, 2010 VH1 aired six hours worth of the "best of" specials for Best of I Love the… Best of I Love the 70s, 80s and 90s from 1:00 to 7:00 pm. However these episodes only featured clips that were easy to license. Music that had been used in the clips in the previous I Love… series were replaced with generic tracks.

To deliver funny and memorable moments on the spot, the guests gradually switched from famous celebrities to less-known people with comedic backgrounds; this latter group rose in popularity as the shows are centered more on the subjects than the guests.

Compilation albums[edit]

A number of I ♥… tie in albums were produced and released by EMI/Virgin.

  • I ♥ 70s
  • I ♥ 80s
  • I ♥ Ibiza
  • I ♥ 90s
  • I ♥ 2 Party
  • I ♥ Summer
  • I ♥ 2 Party 2003
  • I ♥ U
  • I ♥ Christmas


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