I Love Beijing Tiananmen

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"I Love Beijing Tiananmen"
GenreChildren's music, revolutionary song
Songwriter(s)Jin Yueling
Lyricist(s)Jin Guolin
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"I Love Beijing Tiananmen"

"I Love Beijing Tiananmen" (formerly written "I love Peking Tiananmen") (simplified Chinese: 我爱北京天安门; traditional Chinese: 我愛北京天安門; pinyin: Wǒ ài Běijīng Tiān'ānmén), is a children's song written during the Cultural Revolution of China.


The lyrics to the song were written by Jin Guolin, a 12-year-old student who was in 5th grade in 1970, and the composer was Jin Yueling, a 19-year-old apprentice from Shanghai Sixth Glass Factory.

This song was part of the daily routine for many primary schools. It would be sung, following "The Internationale" and "The East is Red". It was also used as propaganda with a similar use to Red Sun in the Sky.

The first three measures of the chorus of this song were used repeatedly as background music in Hong Kong 97, an infamous bootleg Super Famicom game released in 1995. The game, whose plot involved the handover of Hong Kong in 1997, had a strong anti-communist sentiment, and therefore, the song was used sarcastically.


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Wǒ ài Běijīng Tiān'ānmén,
Tiān'ānmén shàng tàiyáng shēng;
Wěidà lǐngxiù Máo zhǔxí,
Zhǐyǐn wǒmen xiàngqián jìn.

I love Beijing Tiananmen,
The sun rises above Tiananmen.
The great leader Chairman Mao,
Leads all of us forward.

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