I Love New York (season 1)

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I Love New York (season 1)
I Love New York (VH1).jpg
The cast of I Love New York
Created by Cris Abrego
Mark Cronin
Starring Tiffany Pollard
Mauricio Sanchez
Michelle Patterson
Composer(s) Adam Zelking
Dan Radlauer
Country of origin United States
No. of episodes 12
Executive producer(s) Cris Abrego
Mark Cronin
Ben Samek
Jill Holmes (VH1)
Kristen Kelly (VH1)
Michael Hirschorn (VH1)
Jeff Olde (VH1)
Cinematography Dave Miller
Running time 60 minutes (including commercials)
Production company(s) 51 Minds Entertainment
Original network VH1
Original release January 8 – April 15, 2007
Preceded by Flavor of Love
Followed by I Love New York 2
I Love Money
Real Chance of Love
External links
Website www.vh1.com/shows/dyn/i_love_new_york/series.jhtml

I Love New York (season 1) is first season of the VH1 reality television series entitled I Love New York. The first season consisted of 12 episodes, which first aired weekly from January 8, 2007 to April 15, 2007.


In July 2006, VH1 published a casting call[1] looking for contestants for their new series tentatively titled The Flavorette. Various blogs speculated that the star of this program could be Flavor of Love season one contestants "Rain" (Thela Brown), "Hoopz" (Nicole Alexander) or Pollard.[2] Before the second season finale of Flavor of Love, Pollard denied having her own show[3] but when the Flavor of Love season 2 finale aired, she confirmed she was the "Flavorette" and that she was already down to the final three contestants.[4]

On November 3, 2006, VH1 announced the show's official title: I Love New York.[5] The first commercial for the series aired on December 3, 2006 during the VH1 2006 Big Awards show. The show premiered on Monday, January 8, 2007 and is the most watched series debut in VH1 history.[6]


Contestant Nickname[7] Real name Eliminated
Tango Patrick Hunter[8] Winner
Chance Kamal Givens Runner-Up
Real Ahmad Givens Episode 9
Whiteboy Joshua Gallander Episode 8
12 Pack David Amerman[9] Episode 7
Mr. Boston Lee Marks[10] Episode 6
Rico Sandro Padrone Episode 5
Heat Jason Rosell Episode 4
Onix William Lash Episode 4
Bonez Kevin Peters Episode 3
Pootie Lamonty Council Episode 3 (Quit)[q]
T-Weed Kevin Watson[11] Episode 3
Romance Ricky Perillo Episode 2
Token Chase Irwin Episode 2
Trendz Hashim Smith Episode 2
Ace Darin Darnell Episode 1
Jersey Bryant Covert Episode 1
T-Bone Tyrone Ellis Episode 1
T-Money Thomas Young Episode 1
Wood Randy Richwood Episode 1
^[q] Left in episode 3 due to mental distress.

Elimination Order[edit]

New York's Call-out Order
# Naming Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 11
1 Rico Whiteboy Whiteboy1 Tango Chance Real 12 Pack Chance2 Chance Chance1 Tango
2 Pootie Tango Real Real 12 Pack2 12 Pack Real Whiteboy Real Tango 1 Chance
3 Tango Onix T-Weed Rico Real2 Whiteboy2 Whiteboy Real Tango Real1
4 Wood Real Rico Onix Whiteboy Chance Tango Tango Whiteboy
5 Whiteboy Heat Mr. Boston 12 Pack Tango Mr. Boston Chance 12 Pack
6 12 Pack Bonez Tango Chance Rico Tango Mr. Boston2
7 Heat Trendz Heat Whiteboy Mr. Boston Rico
8 T-Bone 12 Pack Pootie Mr. Boston Heat2
9 Jersey Pootie Bonez Heat Onix
10 Mr. Boston Token Chance Bonez
11 Onix T-Weed Onix1 T-Weed2
12 T-Weed Romance 12 Pack1 Pootie
13 Ace Rico Trendz
14 Trendz Mr. Boston Token
15 Bonez Chance Romance
16 T-Money Jersey
17 Real Wood
18 Chance T-Bone
19 Token Ace
20 Romance T-Money
Episode 10 was a clip show
Episode 8 New York eliminated Whiteboy, no chains were handed out and the remaining contestants' names are listed in alphabetical order.
     The contestant won the competition.
     The contestant voluntarily withdrew from the competition.
     The contestant was eliminated.

The following numbers indicate which type of date the contestant won:

  • 1 The contestant won a group date with New York. On Episode 9, New York has a date with Tango, and another with Real and Chance. Their parents joined their sons on dates.
  • 2 The contestant won a solo date with New York.


Do You Have Love For New York?[edit]

First aired January 8, 2007 (4.426M viewers)[12]

This was the first episode of I Love New York. New York talked about her Flavor of Love experiences and how she got her own show. Chamo was introduced as New York's personal stylist and assistant, while New York's mother, "Sister Patterson", served as New York's "consigliere" during this episode, especially during the naming ceremony. Unlike Flavor Flav in Flavor of Love, New York allowed the contestants to give themselves names with her final approval. Five men were selected for elimination during a mixer held in New York's backyard. Afterwards, Mr. Boston got into a fight with Chance, Romance scared New York by telling her he wanted to replace his dead dog, Rico called New York "mi negrita" (my little black girl)--a term of endearment in Spanish-speaking countries that greatly offended New York, and Chance got into an argument with New York's mother and yelled at her in a drunken stupor. Token was pointed out as a spy for New York's mother. New York eliminated Ace, Jersey, T-Bone, T-Money, and Wood for the following reasons: Wood was there to advance his acting career, having told New York that he did reality TV; New York called T-Money a "fucking pansy"; T-Bone was physically unattractive for New York; Jersey and Ace were not "good enough" for New York.

  • Eliminated: Ace, Jersey, T-Bone, T-Money, and Wood

The Mangeant[edit]

First aired January 15, 2007

In the episode 2, season 1 of I Love New York, New York brought various beauty pageant queens to the mansion to train the guys for the "Mangeant". Round 1 of the Mangeant was a swimsuit contest. Mr. Boston wore a spotted thong to show off his "bulge". In the end, New York chose five finalists to participate in a question and answer round; Real, 12 Pack, Onix, Whiteboy, and Romance, with Onix, 12 Pack and Whiteboy winning the reward of a date with New York. Onix won third place, 12 Pack came in second, and Whiteboy was the official Mangeant winner. Later that night, Pootie told New York that Trendz was passing out his demo CDs while she was in the hot tub with Rico. The next day, in a letter delivered by Chamo, New York told the guys she would take the top three to the Santa Monica Pier for the afternoon. Whiteboy received some extra time with New York, which included a ride on the ferris wheel. New York confronted 12 Pack about allegations that Romance made about 12 Pack having a girl back at home. When the guys returned home, New York sat 12 Pack and Romance down to talk about the allegations. At the elimination, Romance is sent home because he "needs Prozac," Trendz because New York thought he was trying to boost his music career, and Token because he didn't want to kiss New York.

  • Challenge: Compete in a pageant for men.
  • Challenge Winners: 12 Pack, Whiteboy, Onix
  • Eliminated: Trendz, Romance, Token

Big Ballers[edit]

First aired January 22, 2007

The twelve contestants were set to New York's test to see who had the best capability to earn money by evaluating each contestant's business portfolio. Whiteboy chose to participate in the challenge even after finding out that his best friend had died. They headed to a boardroom where New York had invited a special guest to help her judge, Omarosa. One of the contestants, known as Heat pissed off New York by telling her that his family would eat first before her. Obviously New York's mom got furious of this. Unable to impress New York and her mother by telling them that he was broke, Pootie had a nervous breakdown—he collapsed and was tended to by EMTs. On the way back to the house, Whiteboy got into a heated argument with Tango on Tango following Pootie, and should have left him alone, or otherwise, Pootie wouldn't have had his meltdown. Tango tells Whiteboy he wants to settle this outside the van, to which Whiteboy stands outside, while the rest of the guys hold back Tango. Tired of waiting for Tango, Whiteboy goes into the other van. Back at the mansion, the results of the challenge were announced: T-Weed was the supposed winner by promising that he had a net worth of $100 million. Sister Patterson forced T-Weed to sign a sheet that would allow her to do a background check. T-Weed drove New York in a Benz to their solo date and Pootie got a date with New York's mom; she noticed Pootie's unstable behavior and later, with the help of Tango, was convinced to willingly leave the competition. The next day, the contestants threw a barbecue for New York and impressed her with massages and lap dances. New York was pleasantly surprised by Mr. Boston's lap dance and Tango's back massage. During elimination, Tango was given his chain first. Before giving out her last chain, Sister Patterson announced T-Weed's financial information. T-Weed was in financial debt rather than his claims of having over $100 million in assets. In the end, Heat received the last chain and therefore, Bonez and T-Weed were sent home. Bonez was eliminated because New York said she didn't want to corrupt him. However, T-Weed was eliminated for not being honest with New York. This was the first (and only) episode in which someone had left the competition before elimination.

  • Challenge: Create portfolio showing capability to earn money.
  • Challenge Winner: T-Weed
  • Eliminated: T-Weed, Bonez
  • Withdrew: Pootie

What's Up Dog?[edit]

First aired January 29, 2007

The remaining nine men constructed a dog house for New York's Chihuahua, "Her Majesty." Each team had to appoint a foreman and the team that won would receive a date with New York. The black team had Chance, Mr. Boston and Rico as the foreman, the white team had Real, Heat, and 12 Pack as the foreman, and the gray team had Tango as the foreman, Onix, and Whiteboy. During construction, Rico and Chance complained that Mr. Boston wasn't working. After construction was over, New York and Her Majesty chose the white team's pink zebra-striped painted doghouse as the best. Later that night, the reward for Real was to have cocktails with New York and Heat's reward was to have dinner with New York, but New York didn't like how much he was into his family and was still upset about how Heat's grandmother (Yaya) came before her. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Mr. Boston talks badly about his team behind their backs and Chance can't take it and after giving Whiteboy a haircut, he, Whiteboy, Real, and Rico gang up on Mr. Boston and try to shave his head, but Tango saved Mr. Boston, and Chance declares it isn't over and says "next time we throwin' this shit (bandanna) in your mouth." Mr. Boston likes that they see him as a threat. 12 Pack was New York's "dessert" and as the foreman, he got an extra treat: a session with a sex coach and an opportunity to get closer to New York. As it turns out, 12 Pack was more interested in pursuing a relationship with Heat. After the session, 12 Pack paraded about the house in speedos with Heat notoriously staring at him. Heat and 12 Pack then shared some drunken, romantic moments in the hot tub. Heat admitted that he admired 12 Pack's body and began making sexually suggestive drunken compliments. The next morning, Sister Patterson took all of the men to church (even Mr. Boston and Whiteboy, who are Jewish) and Sister Patterson testified in front of the church members. After the service, Onix told Rico and Tango that he thought New York's mother was "not real" and that she was faking it at the service. After the day was over, the elimination ceremony was held. Onix was eliminated for accusing Sister Patterson for being fake, and Heat was eliminated for prioritizing his family (and 12 Pack) over New York.

  • Challenge: Build a doghouse for New York's dog, Her Majesty.
  • Teams
  • Black: Chance, Mr. Boston, Rico
  • White: Real, Heat, 12 Pack
  • Gray: Tango, Onix, Whiteboy
  • Challenge Winners: Real, Heat, 12 Pack
  • Eliminated: Heat, Onix

Who's Got Game?[edit]

First aired February 12, 2007

The remaining seven contestants participated in a basketball game against a professional WNBA basketball player, Tamara Moore from the Los Angeles Sparks. Chamo served as the cheerleader. Tango dislocated his arm and went to the hospital. Whiteboy won the competition and was awarded more quality time with New York. They had a romantic dinner. Soon after, everyone was having lunch in the backyard and Sister Patterson suspected that someone was in love with New York. Tango and Whiteboy got into a heated discussion. While New York stood out on her balcony, Tango revealed that he had strong feelings for New York, which made her cry. In the end, Rico was eliminated. In a confessional interview at the end of the episode, New York explained that "I had to let Rico go, because, simply, this competition is not for him. Rico is...a young kid, he's a young boy... He wasn't stepping it up."

  • Challenge: Score a point against Tamara Moore in basketball, remaining two play against each other and the first to three points wins the date.
  • Challenge Winner: Whiteboy
  • Eliminated: Rico

Momma Said Knock You Out[edit]

First aired February 19, 2007

New York emerged in a tiara and asked the six remaining men if they were ready to party. The men said they were. At that time, a group of thirteen young girls ran through the front door. New York left the girls alone with the men to look after them at a "princess party." Chance didn't deal well, calling the girls "Oompa-Loompas" and insulting some of them. Real and White Boy both stayed aloof, and later the girls gave all three of them (Chance, Real, and White Boy) the thumbs down. 12-Pack allowed the girls to put makeup on him, saying that he hoped that they'll notice that he's attractive - but they painted his face red, making him look "scary." The girls later gave him a thumbs down, too; because, as they explain, "he's ugly." The girls did like Mr. Boston, who allowed them to dress him in a girl's dress and smashed his face in cake. Tango was also a success, because he was attentive. New York chose Mr. Boston to go on a date with her.

Mr. Boston noted to himself that this was his first date with New York - and his first date with a black woman. They went on a horse-drawn carriage ride and had a dinner outside by a lake, with a harpist playing music nearby. New York told Mr. Boston that she found him "way more attractive." In the limo ride on the way home, they fed each other treats, then began kissing.

Meanwhile, back at the mansion, the remaining contestants tried cooking dinner for Sister Patterson. She handed out index cards with recipes, and said that they had one hour to make the dinner. She hated all the food they made, except Real's salad. At dinner, Sister told Chance that he wasn't ready for kids, and this spurred Chance to reveal that he has a son. Soon, Chance began to shout that it was time for him to leave, so that he could be with his son. Sister encouraged him to do so. He went upstairs to pack, and Tango told Sister that if he had a child himself, he wouldn't go on a reality show. New York arrived home with Mr. Boston, and they planned to go into the hot tub together, but New York noticed Chance packing. She asked him not to go, and eventually — after an altercation with Tango — he decided to stay. Boston was annoyed because he didn't get to have sex in the hot tub with New York.

In the morning, the men were sent to a boxing ring for a series of boxing matches. White Boy knocked out Real in the first match; in the second round, 12-Pack knocked Tango's mouthpiece out and accused Tango of making excuses as to why he had lost the boxing match; and in the final round, despite Mr. Boston's boasts, Chance knocked Mr. Boston over the ropes. New York attended to Mr. Boston's bloody nose, and Mr. Boston said that would probably help him in the competition.

Chance approached Mr. Boston at the mansion to "check on him." Boston conceded the moral victory in the bout to Chance, as well, when he submitted to Chance's "lesson" in oneupmanship. Where Boston would have otherwise carried the day, his concession to Chance's overt psychological dress-down cost him his on-screen dignity.

At the elimination, it came down to Mr. Boston and Chance. New York scolded Chance about hiding his son from her, and about being so rude to the girls at the party. However, she said that she "isn't done with him yet." She gave him the chain, eliminating Mr. Boston. She explained that he "had to leave because he was taking a beat-down, and because I knew in my heart I would never end up with him." However, she told the remaining contestants that Mr. Boston was the best kisser in the house.

  • Challenge: Watch and entertain 13 girls at a "Princess Party."
  • Challenge Winner: Mr. Boston
  • Eliminated: Mr. Boston

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner[edit]

First aired March 5, 2007 (4.06M viewers)[13]

The episode began with New York receiving a letter from Tango. In it, he expressed how much he liked her. Chamo then escorted the remaining five men into the living room where she had them lined up. One by one, New York sent in all of the men's ex-girlfriends, except Whiteboy, whose sister came instead. New York then told the men that while they stay at home, she would take the girls out. In the limo on the way to the salon, New York and her mom asked the girls the concerns they had for each man. 12 Pack's ex-girlfriend said that her parents thought he was gay, and noted that he had performed striptease for gay men at a New Jersey gay club called Feathers. Chance's ex-girlfriend talked about how drugs are basically a trend in the rap industry. New York's mom questioned if Chance had used drugs. Real's ex-girlfriend talked about their relationship, but New York thought that Real may have still had feelings for her. Tango's ex-girlfriend told her that they broke up due to Tango's obsession with his job. Whiteboy's sister talked about how Whiteboy was in a five-year relationship with a girl. 12 Pack's ex also said that 12 Pack had a girlfriend before he came to do the show. At dinner that night, 12 Pack confessed that he did have a girlfriend before he came to do the show, but he said that they had already broken up. When New York talked about 12 Pack working at a gay strip club, he said he only worked there for the money. New York talked about how she thought there was a vibe between Real and his ex-girlfriend. She became disappointed in Whiteboy, because she wished she knew about his relationship earlier. New York started to get jealous that Tango had supposedly only been paying attention to his ex-girlfriend. Once outside, New York overheard 12 Pack talking to his ex-girlfriend, saying that he would be famous because he would be on the number one show in America. New York then fought with Tango, for she was jealous, and Tango became tempted to leave the show. New York then realized her anger came out due to her feelings for Tango. She talked to Tango and he decides to stay.

The next day, New York's mother told her to go on a date with Real, but when she left, New York took Chance on a date instead. She took Chance to Chez Cherie cooking school. They had a great time and kissed then went back to the house. At elimination, New York eliminated 12 Pack because she felt that he had too many secrets-most of them involving his sexual orientation. They end on good terms and she wished 12 Pack the best of luck, saying that she hoped he would become famous, though this comment was likely sarcastic.

  • Eliminated: 12 Pack

Gettin' Hot In The Desert[edit]

First aired March 12, 2007 (4.7M viewers)[14]

The remaining four men went to Palm Springs, California, with New York, where each night a different contestant took New York on a date. On New York, Tango and Real's date, the trio went to the golf course. While driving the Cadillac-styled golf cart, New York drove into a sprinkler system and wrecked into another cart. During New York's date with Chance and Whiteboy, the three went on a hot air balloon ride. New York was afraid to get in the hot air balloon, in fear of getting her synthetic hair caught on fire. In the end, Whiteboy was eliminated, because New York "doesn't want to be a rebound girl", as Whiteboy had recently broken up with his girlfriend of five years.

  • Dates
  • Tango and Real: Trip to the golf course.
  • Chance and Whiteboy: Hot air balloon ride.
  • Eliminated: Whiteboy

Momma's Boys[edit]

First aired March 19, 2007 (4.2M viewers)[15]

With the three remaining men, the mothers of the brothers, Chance and Real, and of Tango met New York and Sister Patterson. On the first date, New York and Sister Patterson went to Real, Chance, and their mother's horse ranch in California. During the excursion on the ranch, Real and Chance's mother impressed upon her sons that affection for New York should not drive their brotherhood to odds. Later, New York and Sister Patterson went with Tango and his mother for tango lessons. New York and Sister Patterson remarked that Tango's mother was old. After the date and before the elimination ceremony, Sister Patterson offered Chance $10,000 to give up his chain and go home. However, when New York gave Chance the chain, he took the chain off at first and wondered if Sister Patterson will follow up with her offer. New York got mad as a result. Later, Chance told New York of Sister Patterson's offer. In the end, Chance decided to stay. New York gave her second chain to Tango, because he is "hot and sexy." New York eliminated Real because she felt that he was too sensitive for her. After being eliminated, Real cried and confessed his love for New York.

  • Dates
  • Real and Chance: Trip to Real and Chance's ranch.
  • Tango: Tango lessons.
  • Eliminated: Real

Clip Show[edit]

First aired March 26, 2007

In this episode, never-before-scenes were shown. They included:

  • New York and Sister Patterson viewing the casting tapes
  • Romance sliding down the "ghetto Slip 'n Slide" naked.
  • Mr. Boston getting an "ass-tan" in a thong
  • More scenes of Chance bullying Mr. Boston
  • Sister Patterson commented on contestants she believed to be gay
  • 12 Pack almost giving Chamo a lap dance
  • New York has laryngitis during her commentary

The Final Adios[edit]

First aired April 2, 2007 (4.8M viewers)[16]

The two finalists traveled with New York to Playacar resort in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Later, New York made her final decision in Hollywood, California for her potential mate. This episode was the final episode where Chance and Tango were split into two separate rooms, because Chance and Tango were in a heated argument while at dinner with New York. In the end, New York chose Tango over Chance, to much of Chance's shock. New York claims she would have to bet on Tango, because Chance was beginning to remind her too much of Flav. Tango then kneeled and proposed to her. New York was taken aback by this proposal, and seemed to experience a mix of reluctance and elation, but she finally answered yes. Sister Patterson was pleased with New York's decision and said to the camera, "Praise God she didn't pick Chance!" On Chance's way out, Sister Patterson asks Chance if she can give him a hug before he leaves and Chance replies, "I sho as f**k ain't huggin' yo ass." Chance gets in a limousine and calls New York and Sister Patterson a 'hoe'.

The Reunion[edit]

First aired April 15, 2007 (5.01M viewers)[17]

17 of the original 20 contestants came together to discuss issues that arose from the series, and the audience discovered what had happened with Tango and New York after the show. The reunion was taped on April 9, 2007 so the cast would have already seen all of the episodes and had issues that were addressed. The host for the reunion (also the host for both Flavor of Love reunions) La La Vasquez revealed that Pootie wasn't invited because of his issues, Jersey was on crutches, and Rico was in jail for driving without a license because his father was having a heart attack.

First, Romance and New York argued over 12 Pack getting to stay and him leaving. Romance then boasted his new "love", a dog named Bella, looked better than New York's chihuahua, Your Majesty. New York learned Mr. Boston has a twin brother, Ben and was surprised when she kissed him and not Mr. Boston. She also found out that Mr. Boston and Pumkin, from Flavor of Love, were then dating. New York and Pumkin were not amicable on stage. New York and Pumkin start going at it. When Pumkin leaves the stage, New York says, "Bye, skank. Back to the trailer park." Rumor is that Pumkin called New York a "nigger" causing Sister Patterson to assault Pumkin. Pumkin backstage takes out her cell phone and shows a picture of her and New York making out, in attempt to embarrass New York. Heat and 12 Pack revealed that they have formed a partnership. Sister Patterson replied sarcastically that they make a "nice couple." Chance and Whiteboy had an argument with Tango, to which he told them to act on their threats (even telling Real to come up) and approach the stage. Chance stood up but almost immediately sat back down and even tried to tell Whiteboy to sit back down, but Whiteboy walked up to the stage and the security guards held him back. Wood came up to calm Whiteboy down as well. Tango was taken backstage where he made a threat to give them a "Tampa Bay ass-whupin'". This was similar to the way the girls on the Flavor of Love (season 2) reunion brawled in an attempt to attack at New York.

Tango Patrick S. Hunter and New York reunited to Macy Gray's "Glad You're Here" after not being able to see each other after the finale. Never before seen clips were shown of New York's reaction to Tango's proposal. He then went to get his "mother-in-law" while she still was confused and requested a drink. In an attempt to not tell her mother about the engagement, she hid the ring in her mouth. Sister Patterson found the ring and said it was too small. Tango became upset after watching the show and the comments New York made about his mother being too plain and overweight. He broke up with New York on stage, declaring that he originally came on the show to get to know Tiffany, the person; however, he received the notorious persona of "New York," which he had always dreaded. New York attempted to attack him and then made insulting comments about his appearance and physical assets, specifically calling him out on his inadequate penis size. She then cried onstage and said that she will not let it hurt her. She then told Chance that she should have chose him. La La comforted her by asking if she really wanted to be with someone like Tango. La La then ask New York if she knew in advance about Tango's decision to end the relationship to which New York replied "No". It was later revealed on VH1's website that Tango had already forgiven New York, before the reunion, for her remarks about his mother; however, the sudden angry attitude about her disrespecting his mother during the reunion show was just a plot to get himself out of the relationship he had committed to New York.

DVD release[edit]

The complete first season DVD was released October 2, 2007 for publicity for the second season. It contains all eleven episodes including the reunion special.[18] An Australian DVD was released on November 1, 2008.[19]

After the show[edit]

  • 12 Pack (David Amerman), Heat (Jason Rosell), Chance (Kamal Givens), Real (Ahmad Givens), Mr. Boston (Lee Marks) and Whiteboy (Joshua Gallander) appeared on the first season of I Love Money.
  • Bonez (Kevin Peters), Heat (Jason Rosell), Onix (William Lash), and T-Weed (Kevin Watson) appeared on the second season of I Love Money.
  • 12 Pack (David Amerman) appeared on Daisy of Love.
  • Jason Rosell ("Heat") has appeared on Gilmore Girls,[20] also competed in I Love Money 1 and 2, as well as appearing in several movies and currently working on a 2011 film.
  • Mr. Boston (Lee Marks) made a guest appearance on I Love New York 2 and New York Goes to Work.
  • Real (Ahmad Givens) and Chance (Kamal Givens) made a guest appearance on I Love New York 2. The duo later appeared on their own VH1 dating game show entitled Real Chance of Love.
  • T-Weed (Kevin Watson) appeared in several films.[21]
  • Rico (Sandro Padrone) has starred in several pornographic videos under the alias "Marco Rivera".[22] He also appeared on an episode of Judge Joe Brown where he was ordered to pay his roommate (who claimed Padrone had stiffed him on rent for their Hollywood apartment) $3,130.[23]
  • Bonez (Keven Peters) was a contestant on an episode of Excused he was the last man standing out of all the three rounds of men who came to the door and in the end was Excused.
  • On February 20, 2015, Real (Ahmad Givens) died after his battle with stage 4 colon cancer at the age of 33.


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