I Never Thought This Day Would Come

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I Never Thought This Day Would Come
I Never Thought This Day Would Come (Duke Special album - cover art).jpg
Studio album by Duke Special
Released 17 October 2008 (Ireland)
Recorded Wapping, London; Champaign, Illinois; Cullybackey, County Antrim
Genre Rock
Label Universal Music Ireland
Producer Paul Pilot
Duke Special chronology
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I Never Thought This Day Would Come is the third album by Duke Special, which was released in Ireland by the label Universal Music Ireland on 17 October 2008, and released on soft release in the UK on 20 October 2008.[1]

The album was reviewed by The Irish Times, and a free preview of the album is available from "The Ticket", The Irish Times' weekly entertainment supplement.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck" – 3:43 (Duke Special and Paul Pilot)[2]
  2. "Sweet Sweet Kisses" – 3:03 (Duke Special and Paul Pilot)
  3. "Those Proverbs We Made In The Winter Must End" – 2:59 (Duke Special & Bernard Butler)
  4. "Diggin' An Early Grave" - 3:17 (Duke Special & Phil Wilkinson)
  5. "I Never Thought This Day Would Come" – 3:17 (Duke Special & Phil Wilkinson)
  6. "Why Does Anybody Love?" – 3:22 (Duke Special and Paul Pilot)
  7. "Flesh And Blood Dance" – 4:02 (Duke Special & Ben Hales)
  8. "If I Don't Feel It" – 3:29 (Duke Special and Daniel Benjamin)
  9. "Let Me Go (Please Please Please)" – 4:47 (Duke Special and Paul Pilot)
  10. "By The Skin Of My Teeth" – 3:33 (Duke Special, Paul Pilot & Hettie Bell)
  11. "Nothing Comes Easy" – 3:43 (Duke Special, Paul Pilot and Daniel Benjamin)
  12. "Nothin' You Could Do Could Bring Me Round" – 3:40 (Duke Special)

Bonus tracks[edit]


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