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I Palindrome I
EP by They Might Be Giants
Released May 7, 1992
Recorded September 1991
Genre Alternative rock
Length 12:04
Label Elektra
They Might Be Giants chronology
The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)
(1992)The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)1992
I Palindrome I
O Tannenbaum
(1993)O Tannenbaum1993

"I Palindrome I" is a single by American alternative rock duo They Might Be Giants. The title track is one of three singles from Apollo 18, released in 1992 by Elektra Records. The song references numerous actual palindromes.[1] In a review of Apollo 18, Karen Schlosberg said that the lyrics to "I Palindrome I" sound like "Edgar Allan Poe and David Lynch meeting the Monkees".[2]

They Might Be Giants performed the song on Late Night with David Letterman in 1992.[3] Michael McKean recites the lyrics of the song in the documentary Gigantic: A Tale of Two Johns.[4]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "I Palindrome I" – 2:22
  2. "Cabbagetown" – 2:24
  3. "Siftin'" – 1:54
  4. "Larger Than Life" (Joshua Fried's remake of "She's Actual Size") – 4:17

"Siftin" was used as a pre-recorded intro on the Flood tour in 1989 and 1990. "Cabbagetown" was allegedly played at TMBG's first concert at a Sandinista rally in August 1982.


A list of the palindromes (words that read the same backwards as they do forwards) included within the song is:

Palindrome Type
Title and Lyrics: "I Palindrome I" Word
Lyrics: "'Son, I am able,' she said, 'though you scare me.' 'Watch,' said I. 'Beloved,' I said, 'watch me scare you, though.' Said she: 'Able am I, son.'" Word
Reference: ouroboros Conceptual
Lyrics: "Man o nam" Letter
Lyrics: "Dad palindrome dad" Word
Reference: spring Conceptual
Lyrics: "Egad, a base tone denotes a bad age" Letter
Playing time: 2:22 Letter
Melody: The bridge may itself be a crab canon, with the bass rising through the scale as the melody descends Musical
Some day mother will die and I'll get the money. Mom leans down and says "My sentiments, exactly". Conceptual

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