I Spy a Nephite

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I Spy a Nephite is a popular Mormon children's book written by Pat Bagley (editorial cartoonist for The Salt Lake Tribune) and conceptually based on the Where's Waldo? series of books.

The book centers around Norman, a Nephite librarian who discovers The Book of Things Past, Present, and Coming Attractions which transports him through history. Many references are made to Mormon religion, culture, and history. The book uses many Mormon cultural references to give a whimsical Book of Mormon feel. For instance the book features a dog named Rover-hah.

The children's book was published in 1991 as a hardback book by the LDS publishing company Deseret Book (ISBN 0875794157), and reissued on 2000 by White Horse Books as a paperback (ISBN 1566845750). One hundred thousand hardback copies are in print. Several sequels include: A Nephite in the Works and Where Have All the Nephites Gone.


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